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100 Baby Challenge - Week 34, The Avantgardists

Last time, Johanna was born and grew up to a Fussy toddler. Markus became an aspiring artist teen with kleptomaniac tendencies. Pernilla grew up to a Bookworm kid. Leo Caballero and Jonas Möller died on the lot.

Week 34 starts with Jaana Nyberg, young adult, her one son and three daugthers. The kids are one teen, two children and one toddler. Jaana is pregnant by Jonas Strand and expects her fifth child.

The week starts well, with a plumpbob matching the party dress.

Johanna gets to know her great-grandmother Linnea.

She also spends time with her passed father Jonas

To help with her bath, Johanna can choose between her teen brother or the two active ghosts.

Even deceased donors can be useful in child rearing!

Markus works on his LTW to become Painter Extraordinaire

Then Jaana gets an offer to join a club – The Avantgardists. Sure, why not? Have no idea what that is.

Then another person calls to invite her to a club gathering. Let’s go!

Aha, it’s a literature club! It actually makes sense then to invite Jaana who is an author (sometimes) and a Bookworm.

Hmm, flirting with the club members might be too soon

So she hangs out with both the club members and some other random people

She’s hardly at home again before the labour starts.

Poor Ronja cannot sleep in her bed due to Andreas the ghost hogging it

After a few hours, at 03.03 am on Tuesday, Jaana gives birth to a baby boy who gets the name Jonathan

Ronja is happy

Johanna is not. Now she needs to be the heir for a while longer!

Jaana hosts a club gathering. She hopes to land her next baby father in the club.

Ronja comes home from school with A grades, so it’s time for a party!


Ronja grows up to a Kleptomanic with an LTW to be Painter Extraordinaire, exactly like Markus

Jaana is very happy but very tired

Nevertheless it’s Johanna’s birthday due to age, but it’s not possible to bake a cake for Johanna, because we have no power due to unpaid bills.

So we sell off the plant boxes out back. Nobody uses them anyway. After that it’s possible to pay the bills.

Finally we can bake the cake!

Jaana helps Johanna with the candles. Her father is dead, and we don’t know if he will come out tonight, so no point in waiting.

Johanna grows up to an Evil Whiz kid.

This guy we most certainly need to use as a baby daddy at some point! He’s solid gold!

The ghosts are active

Then it’s time for Jonathan to grow up to a Clingy toddler.

Homework session in the crowded kids’ dorm

Then we find that Pernilla is dazed due to fever.

After taking some  medicine she is instead energized. She is automatically excused from school though.

Gunther from the Avantgardists calls and asks Jaana out. He bores her stiff, but they know each other pretty well by now and it should be taken advantage of.

Jaana brings out the artillery and Gunther is thrilled

And she gets what she wants

Gunther is thrilled about the baby too, but Jaana just wants to get rid of him.

Life goes on. Markus gets his social up by bathing his little brother

Return of the bed bug and the general mayhem – everything is chaos.

Jaana breaks up with Jonathan’s father Jonas. It’s about time when she expects another man’s child.

The other man is quite obsessed with Jaana and asks her out time and time again, but she continues to turn him down.

She needs to try to get herself and the house in shape before the baby comes.

But then Hugo from the Avantgardists calls and asks her to a club gathering and she accepts.

Bet it was Gunther that got Hugo to do that!

“Please Gunther, try to understand that we have no future together!”

“I will remain in the club though”

Back home Jaana watches Downton Abbey standing up.

Jonathan bonds with his father

And Jaana’s oldest kids bond with each other

It’s time for Markus to grow up. He never performed well in school, but now he’s out anyway.

He grows up to be Creative, which matches perfectly with his LTW.

He will stay here for now, to help out with the bills and the household. 67 babies to go!

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