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Belladonna Wishes - Week 3 - Nyman

Last time Glen worked hard to get accepted in private school and in Uni and eventually succeeded as we saw in the last instalment. Greta failed school. Gry and Göte skipped rope. Gert went for dates. Gabriella kept the family running by cleaning and buying groceries. The family moved to a house to get out of the cramped apartment. Gabriella and Gert were moved to Uni before this round started. Gry and Göte grew up to teens. Greta got engaged to Rutger who moved in.

Greta Nyman, Family/Popularity, LTW Golden Anniversary
Rutger Tönsberg, Popularity/Family, LTW General
Gry Nyman, Fortune teen, LTW The Law
Göte Nyman, Romance teen, LTW Celebrity Chef

The week starts off with Rutger getting to know Gry.

And Greta getting a wish from playing the piano.

Rutger and Greta are actually on a date and Greta has the wish to marry Rutger and have a dreamdate with him

Both those wishes are fulfilled within a short period of time. Rutger and Greta are now both called Tönsberg.


Then it’s back to the piano.

Göte works on his Charisma skill and his musical interest.

Greta is still by the piano

Rutger invites someone over.

And he gets to know Göte.

He also plays a bit inappropriate with his invitee.

Gry invites Fabian Glenarp for a date. He’s really in to her and wants to fall in love with her.

She also wants to fall in love with him. Naaaww, isn’t that cute! He's younger than her though and will still live with his parents during the next round.

Greta and Rutger entertain each other and get wish points out of that.

Göte continues his musical path.

Rutger arranges a party and gets wish points from socializing. Him and Greta waited long enough to consummate the marriage!

Gry is up for a date again

But then she needs to get to work. She works as a clerk at the law firm. She gets a promotion which means she can apply for the Young Entrepreneur’s grant as she wished for.

Then some music also for her.

And some socializing with her sister. Could someone please wish for a cleaning point?

Greta: “Smustle!”

Greta: “Blargh!”
Not only does she seem to be pregnant, she also caught a cold and the flu.
Rutger: “My poor darling, off to bed!”




Greta is indeed pregnant. She changed her hair significantly, but she still likes to play the piano.

Gry dates Fabian again.

Greta spends her pregnancy skilling. Her hair is normal when she’s in her pyjamas

Rutger invites people over.

And meets someone new with the same sweater

Another party is arranged

Gry loses her Young Entrepreneurs grant due to a demotion

Pregnant smustle!

And marital flirting

Spring is here so everybody is flirting

And while babytime arrives, all inhabitants are in platinum mood.

We realize that we have twins!

It’s two boys and they get the names Rutger (Jr) and Calle after a family friend.

After that, Greta wants to get a job and accepts one as a record store clerk

The house is falling apart but the teens want dates.

Unfortunately we forgot to pay the bills and the repoman completely ruins the dates.

But Gry and Fabian continue their date unphased, despite the repoman in the next room.

Also Göte and Ann-Catrin’s date gets better after the repoman’s interruption

Greta is happy to be promoted to Piano Tuner.

It’s time for a party!

It’s a birthday party for the twins

And now we have six sims to satisfy each day again!

Luckily dating is a good way to do that for teens and up. And thereby we are updated on our backlog of the 5-wishes challenge. Next round all the Nyman siblings will be in the same dorm in Uni.

Big families with toddlers are terrible. It worked fine until the boys grew up…

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