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Belladonna Wishes - Week 3 - Nyman (Uni)

Last time, Glen lived at home with his brothers and sisters.

Glen Nyman, Fortune/Popularity, LTW Business Tycoon

Glen wants to become member of the Greek house and invites the boys over

And he’s accepted

He has some wishes for one-bolter Jenny Hamilton

And some for skills and assignments

And he arranges a party with an unexpected twist. Ada Wester, teen, falls madly in love with him.

Glen loves himself a good smustle!

And he wishes to buy stuff he cannot afford.

But studying and smustles are for free

So that is what we do.

He also plays video games and earns money from his investments.

In the middle of his smustle, Glen wishes for a makeover station.

So we buy one and arrange a party

Glen plays computer games

And works on his make-over skills.

And smustles.

History repeats itself. It’s time for a party again

Ada is here for a pillow fight.

Glen celebrates his great marks with a smustle.

His new hobby is toy crafting

But his main hobby is and will be smustling.

Unfortunately he’s not a good dancer despite all. He tries and fails several times to win a dance competition.

Dancing at home is better

And by the end of the week he even gets a wish from socializing!

It’s pretty easy to have a single sim in Uni, but there was a dip by the end of the week where Glen just wished for things that couldn’t be realized in a short time.

Tags: belladonna wishes, nyman, sims 2

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