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100 Baby Challenge - Week 33, Grim Reaper rings twice

Last time, Pernilla was born and grew up to a Silly toddler. Jaana worked hard all week to become pregnant again and eventually succeeded. Ronja grew up to a Whiz Kid Bookworm and got sick.

Week 33 starts with Jaana Nyberg, young adult, her one son and two daughters. The kids are two children and one toddler. Jaana is pregnant by Jonas Möller and expects her fourth child.

Right after midnight on Monday, labour starts.

On Monday week 33 at 3.22 am, a girl is born, our current heir Johanna.

Our resident gangsta ghost Andreas takes care of the baby

Ronja and Markus are happy to meet their new sister.

We have installed the Get Together and the Get to Work packs into the world, and this effect probably comes from Get together – Helena, Markus’s cousin suggest that they skip school together and go to the nightclub. Highly inappropriate. And since Markus is a Bookworm, we guess he’s fine in school, so he declines.

The dethroned Pernilla works on her toddler skills.

Markus is an A student and we are allowed to grow him up!


Markus looks very focused when he blows out his candles

He grows up to be a Kleptomaniac like his mother and with an LTW to become a Painter Extraordinaire.

Right after Markus’s party, which did not count towards Jaana’s LTW, she gets invited to her brother Lennart’s birthday. While there, she meets Leo, Lennart’s father, and the SimGodess gets the idea to use this donor another time. He is at least very nice to talk to so it might be an easy prey! And he’s blond…

Back home, Johanna grows up to a fussy, but blond toddler.

Leo is invited over for further use, but the household is falling apart again. And the power company shut off the power due to unpaid bills.

But things are not going according to plan. Leo drops dead in the nursery!

Both toddlers are witnessing the traumatic event.

It’s a sad day indeed!

It’s Pernilla’s birthday due to age, but Jaana really doesn’t have the energy to throw a party

Pernilla becomes a Bookworm Whiz Kid, exactly like Ronja. She’s got a little bit lighter brown hair than her mother and siblings.

The energy is still very low in the family. Johanna falls asleep in her chair and Jaana on the floor, as has been her habit since she was a toddler.

Luckily Johanna’s father Jonas is here to help.

When Marcus is not exhausted he helps make money through painting.

Ronja and Pernilla visit their cousin Helena after school.

But instead of playing with her, they stay outside on the sidewalk. At least Pernilla uses the time to do her homework.

Back home, Jonas stayed a bit too long

Jonas dies on the lot.

And the misery deepens…

Friday afternoon we still have broken appliances and dirty kids, but at least they are doing something useful

So Jaana, who spent her time up 'til now trying to survive, writing sad books, calling the griefing hotline and crying it out in bed, finally got rid of her sadness and could replace it with flirtiness.

Jonas Strand is receptive.

So she brings him home.

We really didn’t think we would succeed this week, but here we are, Jaana is pregnant again!

Jonas doesn’t know what to say.

Now when we have a confirmed pregnancy, Jaana can relax from hunting a couple of days. She even gets the time to have dinner with her current heir Johanna.

Oh no, return of the bed bug!

So the old beds are deleted and new ones bought. The rest of the house is filthy though, including the toddler.

So Jaana has to do a real effort to get everyrhing back into order.

Her royalties are getting better, but she rarely has time to write, so she hasn’t finished so many books.

Ronja and Pernilla hangs out at the neighbouring house of their uncle Lennart. It’s our starter house for this challenge, where Linnea started out all those weeks ago. Nobody lives here right now, but the monkey bars are possible to use anyway.

Back home Jaana remembers that she’s got an LTW of Party Animal, so a house party is arranged.

So Jaana dons her red party dress and starts mixing drinks

And by the end of the day, we get a silver badge and 1 out of 3 silver party acheivements towards her LTW. 68 babies to go.

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