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Belladonna Wishes - Week 3 - Meckare

Last time, the family interacted a lot with each other and the animals. Wanda had a miscarriage and quit her job. Astrid and Rutger grew up to children. Stefan and Wanda became elders.

Stefan Meckare, Family/Fortune, LTW Captain Hero
Wanda Meckare, Family/Knowledge, LTW Marry off 6 kids
Astrid Meckare, child
Rutger Meckare, child
Cleo, the dog
Wednesday, the guinea pig

This session was played only two months ago! Stefan checks his mails and wishes a relative would get married. Probably Millan sent a message declaring her engagement to Nathan.

Then he works on his body skill.

We realize that Wanda’s LTW is to marry off six kids, but since the couple only have three, adoptions are in order. First out is Isak. Too bad you can’t adopt triplets.

Isak immediately starts his career as a salesman.

Wanda invites Millan over to congratulate her on her engagement (we pretend)

The popup says that Isak isn’t doing so good in school. What do you expect, he only arrived this morning, he didn’t even have the opportunity to go to school today!

All of a sudden Astrid grows up to a Knowledge teen. Congratulations!

She celebrates by playing with Wednesday

Wanda wishes Isak to do well in school and she wishes to help him with his homework. He still needs to go to school to get any homework!

A cleaning point is also satisfying

Stefan gets a big wish from cleaning the guinea pig cage.

We apparently missed the arrival of our next adopted son, Kjell, in the red shirt.

And the third one, Oliver in the green shirt. Now we have enough kids, and definitely enough homework!

Stefan helps Oliver

And then snuggle Wednesday for a bit.

Astrid is a good Knowledge sim, getting wishes from cleaning points.

The house is chaotic, but once in a while someone gets a wishpoint. Both the house and the garden are a mess, and we get constant warnings that the boys are not fed and are failing school.

Then Astrid decides on a secondary aspiration of Romance at the same time as Rutger grows up to a Romance teen.

And finally Kjell learns to study.

While the kids are in school, Wanda gets some fishing done.

Astrid continues to be the only one cleaning.

Rutger has a date with Signe Furberg.

They have a nice time together.

The date goes fine, but the fail warnings from school continue.

At least Oliver has the energy to help his brothers out.

And he becomes best friends with Wanda.

Astrid skills

And Oliver finalizes another assignment, his own or someone elses.

Stefan likes to sell lemonade. He should do some garden work instead. Or wish for a gardener.

Wanda is in a higher league of cooking and wins a contest!

Stefan gets promoted.

Kjell welcomes the headmaster. It’s time for Oliver to apply for private school like his brothers and sister.

Stefan takes good care of the headmaster

Wanda maxes her cleaning skill and Oliver is accepted in private school. The headmaster had coffee! 10 points bonus.

Isak still hasn’t learned how to study, but needs to do some fishing first to get his fun up.

There we go!

Oliver loves to play the piano. He even maxed his skill somewhere in the background, since he’s playing autonomously most of the time.

Rutger gets the dance grant and Wanda and Stefan get wish points from it.

The boys love fishing.

Astrid wishes for a date.

And she gets one with this boy whos name we forgot .

Rutger dates Signe.

Stefan is promoted again

And celebrates with Wednesday

Wanda has taken on a ginormous task of weeding the decayed garden!

Sunday is spent fishing

And dating.

Ah, the boy’s name is Martin Blyger! Now we remember

Stefan gets a body point

And we end this week with Isak, who grows up well to a Knowledge teen, despite all.

This was a really exhausting week, with a terrible result, especially for the adopted boys. Luckily they all lived and weren’t taken back by social services.

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