j68_challenges (j68_challenges) wrote,

Lost on Lake Victoria - Part 7

Monday morning 6AM – Kate is setting out on a resue expedition. She finds Locke and brings him back to the camp.


There he makes himself busy immediately, tending to the garden.


Everybody is off work today, so they try to make themselves useful in different ways. We will never have a chance to find everything that’s on the list.


Kate and Sayid are fishing. Nice fish, Sayid! Those are the four that remain on the island. The Others are coming closer every day…




Day 16 – Tuesday


Hurley finally caught Kate cheating on him with Sayid. Sayid finally fell in love with Kate. And Kate just enjoys her time, having had all the survivors in her bed.


Kate tried to mend things between herself and Hurley and tried to caress him (ACR). He didn’t appreciate it, and neither did Locke, who saw it happen. Now you’re really in trouble Kate!


6 AM - Sayid has been hanging in there for a long time, but now he’s taken by the Others! As it seems right now, Kate is in the lead for winning this challenge.


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