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Belladonna Wishes - Week 3 - Markövertag

Last time, Malcolm acquired a secondary aspiration of Romance. He spent some time at his business and got a good review. He dated his girlfriend Görel without wishing to marry her and he skilled.

Malcolm Markövertag, Fortune/Romance, LTW Criminal Mastermind

We start off this week which we played 7 months ago, with Malcolm making a couple  of wish points by working out.

Then he invites over his girlfriend Görel.

Then he invites her again, for a date. Must be a couple of pictures missing here.

They go to a fancy restaurant and Görel gets her hopes up that this is the day that he will propose to her.

Unfortunately he only wants to kiss her.

And more…

Then it’s back to skilling. His friends miss him.

Date time.
“Maybe this is the time he will propose?”

“Maybe this time?”

No. Skilling.

“Maybe now?!”

No. Sit in car.

Oops, forgot to pay the bills.

“Darn, I should have employed an accountant. Or at least a secretary to look after that for me.”
The End.

It’s pretty easy to keep a single sim satisfied, at least when they have a Romancer side. It was a good score, even though a bit repetitive. We kept hoping, along with Görel, that he would like to propose, but no.

Tags: belladonna wishes, markövertag, sims 2

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