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100 Baby Challenge - Week 31, Lethal Hotdogs

Last time, Jaana threw a spooky costume party. Lennart grew up to an Insane young adult, took a job in entertainment and started a relationship with a girl named Elin, who eventually moved in. Markus was born and grew up to a Charmer toddler.

Week 31 starts with Jaana Nyberg, young adult and her son Markus, toddler. In the house is also Lennart and Elin, Jaana’s brother and sister-in-law. Both Jaana and Elin are pregnant.

We start off the week with Lennart, practicing his violin while  Maria watches.

Elin walks in to use the toilet while Jaana tries to potty train Markus. She is very embarrassed from the situation and also both ladies’ labour has started. These cousins will be very close in age!

Jaana is very uncomfortable indeed when she crashes on the floor.

Markus is very sad, but it can’t be helped, the baby is coming!

It’s a girl, born on Tuesday at 8.00 pm. She gets the name Ronja. So, technically we now have an heir. She will probably not remain heir for long, but anyway.

Jaana promptly crashes on the floor again.

About an hour later, Lennart’s daughter, randomly named Helena, is born.

Jaana works on the next baby daddy who has reached elderhood while waiting for his turn.

Whoa! Glitchy proposal!!

And then a not so romantic bathroom wedding

It’s too much work to have Lennart’s family on the lot, even if Elin and Lennart help out and even if we grew up Helena early, so they are moved out to live with Elin’s teenage kids. Who their father is nobody knows.

It’s time for Ronja to grow up to a silly toddler. Her too seems to have the exact same colours as Jaana.

She’s a happy little girl.

Time to work more diligently on the next baby daddy

Yay, pregnant!

Per is not so thrilled.

But the next in line is already under work.

We need to arrange three silver parties, and we decide to try a hotdog barbecue.

A campfire spot is arranged outside the house and Jaana gets burned when starting the fire.

The progress is really slow. There is no main goal to the party. We needed to put three logs on the fire which we did. Now we need to barbecue 3 hotdogs, serve a meal from the grill, tell a group story and play the guitar by the fire. We don’t even own a guitar, even less know how to play it!

It takes forever to barbecue hotdogs. Maybe we should wait until we have a lot of kids so we can direct each one to barbecue one. And even though we hired Kasper as a caterer he didn’t cook anything on the grill.

Then it’s Markus’s time to grow up and we arrange a classical birthday party instead. We did hundreds of those, but never came beyond silver.

Magnus takes his son to the cake.

Markus grows up to a Rambunctious Bookworm, and he’s cute!

Ronja dances an angry sugar dance

We make another try with the hotdog barbecue on Sunday. Jaana is very embarrassed due to her peeing herself. Not unusual when you’re that pregnant, Jaana!

Then we have a real fire, but Per is level-headed and puts it out.

We thought! Suddenly we realize that Jaana’s father Jaxson is inside the house burning fervently! This party takes a terrible ending!

Jaana pleads for her father – she recently lost her mother and hope to be spared from losing her father too!

She wins and Jaxson is resurrected!

All well that ends well, but we will for sure have an uphill start of next week to sort everything out! 70 babies to go.

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