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100 Baby Challenge - Week 30, Generation 4

Last time, Kasper had a son, Mats. Jaana grew up to young adult and acquired the Kleptomaniac trait and can finally start procreate. Kasper and his family moved out. Maria died at 124 days old.

Week 30 starts with Jaana Nyberg, young adult, and her teen brother Lennart. Jaana is not pregnant.

The new week starts off with a focused Jaana. Mourning period is over!

Magnus is invited and we get straight down to business. Lennart is not in school, since Jaana wrote an excuse note for him. Didn’t know what that was, but apparently it meant he was excused from going to school.

Magnus is receptive

Very receptive, indeed…

Fraps was not so receptive though and we didn’t get a picture of the pregnancy test, but Jaana is indeed pregnant with her first child!

While waiting, why not work on our LTW. A spooky party is arranged. The goal is to get a silver badge.

Jaana dresses like a zombie survivor and Lennart as a pirate.

Robert is of course invited and is dressed like a pilot or the like.

We need to carve pumpkins, and Lennart sets up a table in the garden and gets down to it.

Pirate seems to be the most popular costume for males. Jaana and Magnus discusses it.

Bertil is dressed up as a mailman

We also have a ninja and a fairy. Jaana carves the second of the two required pumpkins.

The party is a silver event and Jaana reaches her next milestone. Now she needs to attend parties on five different locations and throw three of her own and get silver for them.

But right now she paints to be able to pay for more parties.

Lennart never reached level A in highschool, but is due to grow up from sheer age.

It’s hard to throw good parties while pregnant. Jaana is very uncomfortable

And so is Lennart

He grows up to be insane on top of being a Romantic Glutton. The party ends up being a bronze event only.

Here we see Maria’s tree again. Since we saw it last time, Maria has obviously died. Petra has become an elder, Kjell grew up to child and Kasper had a daughter, Marianne. Julia and Anna are still in costume since Jaana’s spooky party.

Since Lennart is now out of school and wants to be a joke star, he starts a job in the Entertainment career.

She’s receptive to his charms and they end up stargazing.

Jaana spends time with Maria who happens to appear.

The funds are running low, so Jaana puts in an effort to write a bit. The dollhouse is still broken

Lennart continues to woo Elin.

Then he practices a bit for his job.

Thursday afternoon labour starts

It’s a boy! He is born at 2.58 pm on Thursday and gets the name Markus.

Jaana breaks off her romance with Magnus

She immediately starts flirting with Robert instead, but it doesn’t work well

Actually it’s pretty bad. “Jaana, stop it!”

OK, let’s leave it for a while then and let’s move Elin in for Lennart. She’s leaving her teenage children behind.

Jaana heads off to the museum to meet some people.

And look, Robert is here!

Jaana gets invited to Magnus’s birthday party and since we are to attend social events at 5 different places, this opportunity is as good as any.

While there, she makes sure to ask him again to be only friends. They had a little residual romance left.

Back home, it’s back to Robert. This time he’s very receptive. Maybe last time he thought it embarrassing to flirt in front of Jaana’s former lover.

Markus grows up to a Charmer toddler with the exact same colours as his mother.

Jaana is pregnant!

And so is Elin

Elin practices childcare on Markus.

Our resident ghost Andreas, who’s not related to Jaana at all, but the father of Anton (no 20) died on this lot during a party and has been here since. He likes burgers.

He also likes a good cry by the graves. He’s a Good sim, and they always cry over graves, regardless if they knew the sim lying there or not. Looks like he’s crying over himself though.

Lennart becomes a C-listed comedian

The rest of the week revolves around the needs of Markus.

And we realize that we probably don’t have a good cook in the house anymore, when Markus becomes sad due to yucky food. 71 babies to go.

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