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100 Baby Challenge - Week 29, A Change of Scene

Last time, Lennart grew up to a Romantic Joke Star teen. Maria became an elder. Kasper grew up to a Jealous young adult and started dating Therese. Jaana finally became a teen. She also became a Party Animal and a Bookworm and started her party series. Maria spent time with her grandson Kjell and got betrayed by Jaxson.

Week 29 starts with Jaana Nyberg, teen generation 3 heir, her generation 2 mother Maria, her two brothers and one sister-in-law. We still wait for Jaana to grow up.

Kasper works as a ringleader and needs to do misceivious actions every day. Trolling the forums is the easiest way to achieve that.

Jaana works hard with extra credit assignments so that we will finally be able to start our generation 3 babymaking.

Maria and Therese are getting to know each other. The walls in this passage look a bit bare, maybe we should keep some paintings and do some renovation.

Kasper and Therese are very much in love and very much pregnant. The baby is due any day now. Jaana has a B in school and has to wait another day to grow up.

Maria is still halfworking on her fourth LTW. She completes another milestone in the Successful Lineage by reading to Kjell, Åsa’s son, for two hours.

Next step is to have a child get an A in highschool, which we did with many, but not all of our older children. Then help a child with homework three times – it’s Lennart and Jaana who get that help. And finally we need a child to max a skill, which will be harder since Maria can do nothing about it except wait. And we don’t have so much time…

Quiet homelife continues. The picture with the racecars has disappeared from the wall above the desk. Where did it go?

Maria is randomly sad from her insanity and channels that into a painting.

When Therese arrives home from work, labour starts.

And late Tuesday evening a boy randomly named Mats is born.

Kasper is very happy to have a son. Linnea is helping out with the cleaning.

Mats is Maria’s fifth grandchild. And we see that her oldest two children have become elders.

Bertil visits his mother one evening.

Maria and Miranda tries to visit Åsa and Akiko, but they are as usual not at home. Can the audience feel that we’re still only waiting for Jaana to grow up??

THERE we go! On Thursday Jaana comes home with A grades

Since Jaana has the Party Animal LTW she arranges the party herself.

By the way, Therese is pregnant again.

Jaana gets the party started behind the bar.

The celebration continues with blowing out the candles

Jaana grows up to be a Kleptomaniac on top of being a Self-Assured Bookworm. Maybe we should send her to the library to steal books. Or we just ignore that trait. That is probably more likely.

Here is what makes it impossible for us to get a gold badge for birthday parties – it says that you shall make an adult propose a toast, but haven’t figured out how to do that. If anyone knows, please teach me!

Jaana keeps in touch with her father Jaxson, who finally stopped wearing just briefs. They enjoy each other’s company.

And it’s another silver party

Jaana’s nephew Mats grows up into an Angelic toddler.

Now when Jaana is a young adult we can’t be bothered to keep Kasper’s family on the lot. They are moved in with Kasper’s cousin Linnea. She is the daughter of Gunnar (no 13).

Lennart, who is really Jaana’s big brother, but still a teen, we will keep for now. At least until the house is too full, or until he’s married and expecting.

Time to start the manhunt. Jaana brings Maria with her to the bar, because why not.

By the bar she meets Magnus Lilja with a green mohawk. The other guy is her nephew Joakim, son of Petra (no 19)

Maria enjoys spending time with her grandson.

Her sons Joakim and Bertil are there as well.

Maria hangs around after Jaana has left, so unfortunately Jaana doesn’t get to meet the other Mohawk Nils.

Since Jaana is not romantic like Linnea and Maria, we figure it will not be as easy for her to seduce the baby daddies. Therefor, we are planning to maintain as many friendly relations as possible at all times, and concentrate on one at a time romantically. So for now, Magnus and Robert are on the list to become friends with, and later we’ll decide which one will be the first daddy.

Maria’s time is drawing near, but she is really quite agile for being over 120 days old

Lennart is getting to know his ghostly grandmother. They never met in life.

To get some variety between the generations, Jaana is starting a writer’s career to earn her money. As usual the dollhouse is broken. Someone keeps breaking it, don’t know who.

Maria keeps her daughter company.

The first book is a children’s book named “Don’t eat your pet turtle and others”

Maria makes Glace au four as an afternoon snack. Magnus is here, but Jaana ignores him and talks to her brother instead.

Eventually the atmosphere heats up a bit.

But it’s cut short by Maria’s passing!

On Saturday at 8.07 pm, our generation 2 heir Maria Nyberg passes to the great beyond in an age of 124 days.

Jaana makes sure to connect Maria’s spirit to the real world. We need to keep our ancestral mothers!

Both Jaana and Lennart are very sad, but the grim reaper entertains himself.

Lennart channels his feelings through painting.

Now there’s only the two of them. They try to keep together.

We still need to work on the next generation. Magnus will be the first baby daddy, but we’re still quite a way off, since Jaana’s sadness dominates her feelings and flirting is not her top priority.

She tries to write it off

She tries to paint it off

Both Jaana and Lennart try to talk it off with the grief hotline and with friends, but it doesn’t help and we end this week with no babies made. 72 babies to go.

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