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100 Baby Challenge - Week 28, The Party Animal

Last time, Jaana grew up to a Self-assured Artistic Prodigy child. Kasper grew up to a Public Enemy teen. Åsa became pregnant and gave birth to a boy named Kjell. Bertil grew up to a noncommittal young adult and moved out to live with his family.

Week 28 starts with Maria Nyberg, adult, her two sons and the heir Jaana. The kids are one teen and two children.

We start off week 28 with the anticipation that nothing will happen. Definitively no new elegible babies. Kasper is still trying to become friends with Therese Borg. It works pretty well.

A very focused Jaana brought home Anders, her new friend from the playground home from school.

Homework is due. Maria is tense due to too little romance and a low social meter

In the middle of the night we get the notification that it is Maria’s birthday. We will arrange a party in the morning, but in the meantime, please get your social up with Andreas, our resident ghost.

She succeeds to cheer him up, and even starts to flirt with him.

The next day it’s time for a massive cake

Because it’s Maria’s birthday

And, as it turns out – Lennart’s.

Lennart is a bit tired though.

But eventually he gets to the cake.

He grows up to be a Romantic Joke Star

Then it’s Maria’s turn. It’s amazing, our generation 2 heir is going to be an elder!

She’s pretty cute still.

Maria’s life doesn’t change at all when she’s an elder.

Kasper comes home with A grades

Jaana tries to relax. She really looks tense!!

Kasper blows out his candles

He grows up to be Jealous, in combination with Music lover and Glutton. His LTW is since before to become a Public Enemy.

Anton congratulates his little brother to such successful choices.

Then we invite Therese to grow up too.

Of course we plan for a future for these two.

After the party, Linnea comes out to do the cleaning.

Kasper gets a job in the Criminal career. Great…

Still just waiting for Jaana to grow up, Maria tries to visit her grandson who is now apparently a toddler, but no one answers the door.

So instead she visits Miranda, her oldest daughter.

Yay, Jaana comes home with an A!

She looks crazy as usual with her very light eyes.

She grows up to be a Party Animal Bookworm. Interesting combination! At least she’s not Insane. Yet…

She’s got a very interesting look, and we forgive her for having brown hair. A party animal will be fun, too!

She’s quite slender compared to her sisters and mother. Maybe that comes from her father Jaxson, showing off his hot body to the right. His party wear is apparently a pair of very small shorts…

And we decide to give this flamboyant Self-assured Party Animal a partywear to match!

Maria mixes drinks for herself and her ghostly love interest. She reaches the next milestone in the Mixology LTW, but again there is a requirement to get a career, which we’re not allowed to do.

The ghost Andreas helps with the chores, even if it makes him angry.

After the cleaning frenzy, Andreas and Maria has a nice night, eating cake and having a long chat.

And Maria decides to go for the LTW Successful Lineage. She needs to be a parent, which she already is (duh), she needs to interact with her child 10 times and needs to read to a child for 2 hours. The interaction will solve itself in no time, but the reading we cannot perform here, since we don’t have small children anymore.

However, we do believe that Kasper can arrange that eventually.

But we do have ready-made grandchildren at different addresses, so Maria brings along Kjell’s father Leo and visits her grandson

And Kjell loves the story about the frog!

Leo spends some time with his son. We thought we had changed the Hot Guys’ habit of walking around in their briefs, but apparently not. We should pay them a visit and make their wardrobes decent once and for all.

While at the lot, Maria spends some time with her daughters too. Åsa likes the story of the frog as well.

Friday night, Jaana the party animal is completely bored from school and heads to the bar.

While there she makes sure to meet as many people as possible and reaches the first milestone in her LTW. Now she needs to arrange silver-parties as her next goal.

Usually we only have birthday parties in this house, apart from the successful dinner party Maria threw the other day. Now, let’s start from the top with a house party.

Lennart finds Elin intriguing, but regardless how much attention he pays her he cannot flirt with her. It’s hard to understand why, when he’s Romantic and all. Finally we realize that she’s a young adult and Lennart is only a teen!

Since we never had a houseparty we don’t know the requirements. We should have made someone more host of the party, then the interaction goal would have been easier.

It is nice though, with drinks and dancing.

Kasper gets the flirting score up

After the party, ring leader Kasper gives a ring to Therese.

She accepts and moves in.

Therese is a Good, Active Bro sim, who is also a collector. She gets a job in the Athletic career.

But right now she’s not allowed to work out, since she’s pregnant.

Linnea comes by and she’s bored. How can a ghost be bored?

But she gets happy again after spending some time with Therese and Maria.

Jaana makes another try with the house party. The other one was only bronze. Now we know that we should have more hosts and prepare both food and cake.

Maria and Jaana starts the preparations

Jaxson hugs his beautiful daughter and congratulates her on the fantastic party

Maria contributes to the silver score by kissing her last love

The house is full with people having a great time

All of a sudden the party is over and Maria is very sad due to a drifting love. Apparently she saw Jaxson flirt with someone else, but we missed it and don’t really know what happened.

She goes to visit Kjell to get some comfort from her grandson, but not even he is nice

Although she’s still very sad when the week ends, at least her relationship with Kjell is better when they read the story of the firefly. 72 babies to go.

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