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100 Baby Challenge - Week 27, A Boy Named Kjell

Last time, David outgrew Joakim and became a Creative adult. Bertil grew up to an Angling teen and Jaana to an Angelic toddler. Lennart grew up to a Rambunctious child. Andreas Öhman died on the lot during Joakim’s birthday party. Maria connected his ghost to the real world. Joakim, who became a Childish adult, and David, moved out to live with Joakim’s father Johan.

Week 27 starts with Maria Nyberg, adult, her three sons and the heir Jaana. The children are one teen, two children and one toddler.

Jaana is working on her toddler skills to be able to grow up

She’s tired and hungry, but we push on

There we go!

At the same time Kasper comes home with A grades.

We arrange a party for them both

Jaana goes first. Daddy Jaxson helps her with the candles.

She grows up to be a Self-assured Artistic Prodigy

Then it’s Kasper’s turn

He grows up to be a Public Enemy and a Glutton with red earrings.

Birthday parties are exhausting

But the party goes on

Andreas comes a bit late to the party

So he helps out with the cleaning.

Then he spends some time mourning – himself, Linnea or both.

Jaana does he homework as a good girl.

Maria has too much time nowadays and cooks elaborate dishes for the kids to eat when they come from school.

This is the full brood nowadays! Bertil, Jaana, Lennart and Kasper. But since both Lennart and Kasper are gluttons, there is quite some food needed anyway!

We decide to give Jaana some new clothes and takes the opportunity to show you her striking light grey eyes. That is something new in this family!

Jaana and Lennart play together on the pirate ship.

It is said in the rules in this challenge that the breeder is not allowed a job, ever, and therefor we had to leave the Master Chef LTW behind. It includes a certain level of a job in cooking. Therefor, we now pursue the Mixology LTW. It might end up being the same, but we can play with it for a while.

In between sessions in the bar, she paints for money.

Bored with waiting for Jaana to grow up, we pay a visit to Åsa and Akiko. Their father has apparently died recently, since he’s not registered in the house anymore.

Since Åsa was our heir for so long, we feel obliged to help her along with her LTW of a Successful Lineage. Since that includes becoming a parent, we try to get her together with Leo, one of the Hot Guys.

He’s quite receptive.

Then the neighbours come over and make the encounter a bit awkward

That doesn’t stop our lovebirds though!

Bad picture, but it proves Åsa is pregnant!

Back to homebase. Maria is in a deep discussion with Linnea.

Then Åsa comes by to tell the big news. Maria is so happy for her!

She actually invites all her daughters to hang out and share the happy news!

When the kids come back from school , the sisters are still there. Lennart will actually become a big brother, since Åsa’s baby is his brother or sister.

Then we go back to Åsa’s house again. She invites Lennart and Jaana to read to them, since reading to children is part of her LTW.

The waiting game continues, but Maria reaches level 4 in Mixology.

Jaana is a good girl and helps with cleaning up.

Friday, Bertil comes home with A grades.

Party time!

He grows up to be Noncommittal on top of being a Loner. No relationship for you my boy!

Off to live with your brother/nephew Joakim, sister/stepmother Petra and father/brother-in-law Bengt.

Saturday, Jaana is off to the park across the street to play.

There she meets a boy named Kjell

And a boy named Kjell.

Lennart comes out to play too.

There’s another boy named Kjell, no, just kidding. His name is Anders. It is probably a good idea for Jaana to get to know boys her own age to keep in line when she’s an adult…

The kids have a fabulous day at the park.

Then Åsa comes visting again and she’s not pregnant anymore!

Åsa gave birth to a boy named Kjell (!) and Maria now has four grandchildren.

Maria is closing in on old age, and has had a pretty fulfilled life, despite being insane.

In the twins’ house, it’s Akiko who takes care of the baby

While Åsa spends time with their angry dead father.

And as a last note, we give you Kasper, trying to get to know Therese Borg, a girl from school. 72 babies to go.

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