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100 Baby Challenge - Week 26, Miserable Birthday

Last time, Akiko and Åsa deserved to grow up, but at first only Akiko was allowed. She became an Athletic adult. Joakim grew up to a Serial Romantic teen. Lennart was born and grew up to a Wild toddler. David grew up to a good-looking Romantic Outdoorsy teen. Kasper grew up to a Music Loving kid. Jaana was born and thereby dethroned Åsa, who moved out after having grown up to a Jealous adult.

Week 26 starts with Maria Nyberg, adult, her five sons and one (!) daughter. The kids are two teens, two children, one toddler and one baby.

We start off the week with Maria painting for money. The family has been very comfortable for a long time, since the move-in of Maria’s stepfather Olof and her older siblings partners, but now we are running low in funds.

David just grew up to a teen, but still comes home with an A on Monday. That means he will outgrow his five year older brother Joakim who doesn’t have good grades.

Bertil is an A student too.

A party is arranged

Aww, the birthday boys give each other a hug!

David grows up first and becomes a Creative adult.

Then it’s Bertil’s turn

He grows up with an LTW to be an Angling Ace, which works perfectly with his Loner trait. He also becomes a Bro, which is of no use, but on the other hand, no harm either. Brother Jonas is a mazed that little Bertil has grown up so fast.

The sisters are of course here too.

While we’re at it we grow up Jaana to an angelic toddler.

Oh no, she’s got Maria’s brown hair! We had hoped for Jaxson’s ash blond… Well, well, we’ll have to live with another generation with brown-haired babies…

Leo hangs around after the party and takes the opportunity to flirt with Linnea.

Now when Maria’s got the time, she’s trying to spend more time with the small children. It’s also fun to read to them, and Jaana loves it. Lennart is too wild to have patience for books .

Since Maria is an expressionistic painter after having met her Painter LTW, she can paint emotional paintings without having that emotion herself. This angry painting is a masterpiece.

In pursuit of a fishing spot, Bertil visits his father Bengt who lives with Bertil’s sister Petra. His nephew/brother Joakim is not at home.

All Maria’s siblings are dead by now, except her youngest brother Oliver. She has 12 children and three grandchildren so far. Joakim’s father is Bengt Persson, the same guy who fathered Bertil. That’s the reason we have such a complicated relationship here.

Since David is a young adult now but still lives at home, he has taken a job in Athletics. It should suit his outdoorsy side. He loves to jog!

But he’s also insane and gets randomly sad at times. Poor David, it cannot be easy for you. He seems to be a bit bipolar actually.

It’s time for Lennart’s birthday, but he’s angry for some reason. And he looks very much like his father!

Maria made a zombie cake for the wild one.

And he continues to be wild by becoming a Rambunctious Scamp and a Glutton.

Jaxson is here all the time and takes a big part in Jaana’s upbringing.

And when Jaana is asleep Jaxson makes himself at home. All of a sudden when we see Maria and Linnea on the couch with the photos behind them, we remember our newly decided tradition

The tradition is to take a photo of the babymaking mother and the last father. Unfortunately the photo of Linnea and Olof is blurry, but we can pretend it’s because it’s old.

Everyday life continues and we all just wait for Jaana to grow up. It will be a long wait.

Finally Joakim is an A student!

Time for a party!

The party is a disaster!!! Joakim himself is miserable, and Anton’s father Andreas falls down dead!

Joakim had already started the action to blow out his candles when Andreas fell, and therefor he grows up in the middle of this miserable situation. He becomes Childish on top of being a romantic, creative geek. Still too bad that we won’t have the opportunity to explore his personality.

Finally the reaper reaps Andreas’ soul and disappears.

Then the next misery strikes. The bed bug is back. Joakim has already crashed on the floor, so it doesn’t affect him, but Lennart is stuck on the bed.

With all beds deleted, all the boys are equally miserable.

To reduce the amount of miserable sims, we move David and Joakim out to live with Joakim’s father Johan.

Maria channels her sadness into connecting with Andreas’ spirit.

Finally on Saturday the misery loosens its grip on the family and some other activities than crying can take place. Maria paints another self-assured masterpiece.

The nieces are invited to hang out

And Åsa comes by too, and they all have a relaxed evening together.

Jaana is the center of attention

Sunday is used to work on aspirations. Lennart reaches a milestone as a Rambunctious Scamp and Kasper cloudgazes with a friend to become inspired.

That helps with his creative aspiration.

And as a last note we give you Jaana, working diligently towards her goals of reaching at least level 3 in all toddler skills. 72 babies to go.

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