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100 Baby Challenge - Week 25, Maria's Last Baby

Last time, Maria finalized her Painter Extraordinaire LTW and started a new as a Master Chef. David grew up to an Insane kid. Kasper was born and grew up to a Charmer toddler. A gang of hot potential baby daddies were downloaded from the gallery and Maria immediately took the chance on Leo. Anton grew up to a Good adult and moved out to live with his brother Jonas and their cousin Julia. Bertil grew up to a Loner Rambunctious Scamp. Maria got pregnant and reached level 10 in Gourmet cooking.

Week 25 starts with Maria Nyberg, adult, her two daughters and four sons. The children are two teens, three children and one toddler. Maria is pregnant by Leo Caballero and expects her eleventh child.

We start off the week with the oldest girls being A students

The oldest boy is an A student too.

Maria puts Kasper to bed before arranging the party

We throw the party for Joakim and Akiko. Åsa has really deserved it too, but if she’s going to be the heir still after the new baby, we don’t want to age her prematurely. If the baby is a girl we will grow Åsa up too.

Akiko goes first. She becomes Athletic, which is a relief on top of her not so nice other traits.

Then it’s Joakim’s turn.

He grows up to become a Creative Serial Romantic on top of being a Geek. Too bad we won’t have the opportunity to explore that personality!

The party goes on all night

Then Akiko moves out to live with her father, the former mailman Åke Johansson.

Then it’s time for the baby.

Maria takes the opportunity to end her romance with Leo. He doesn’t take it well…

David doesn’t let the sounds of childbirth disturb his sleep

It’s ANOTHER boy! Five in a row!  Heis born on Tuesday week 25 at 5.40 pm and gets the name Lennart.

Linnea, the ghost, drinks coffee. Never saw a ghost do that before!. Bertil pretends he doesn’t see it.

David and Bertil do their homework together while Åsa and Joakim sleep in.

We have made a strategic decision in this challenge, that the last baby will be had when the oldest child becomes an adult. And now, Miranda is an adult. However, since we at the moment have 11 kids, we will go for a full dozen. That means ONE more baby!

Linnea and Kasper are checking out Lennart, the baby. Kasper is happy to have a little brother.

Wow! Linnea is picking up the baby – didn’t know that a ghost could do that either! We learn a lot today.

Bertil likes the new baby too!

In pursuit of the last allowed baby, Maria goes to visit the Hot Guys. Jaxson Madsen is receptive to her charms

It works swimmingly and he gladly follows Maria home.

Intermission for good grades! David is an A student!

Never mind that, we’ve got babies to make!

Yay! Pregnant! Last baby, we swear. For Maria that is.

Jaxson is not thrilled.

Now – birthday!

Oooo, David! Looking good!! He grows up to be an Outdoor Enthusiast with a Romantic streak.

Lennart grows up too, to a Wild toddler. Too bad he’s not a girl – he’s got the same hair colour as Linnea.

While Bertil practices his violin we get a notification that it is Åsa’s birthday. We need to grow her up after all, so a party is arranged.

When the invitations were sent out, everything was normal, but when Daniel, David’s father arrives to the party he’s a ghost!

The heir is in a terrible mood.

Åsa grows up to be Jealous on top of being a Mean Loner. We start to hope for real that the last baby will be a girl!

Our boys are so cute when they sit together and eat Lobster Termidor for breakfast

It’s Kasper’s birthday, due to age AND skill

His father is dead already, so Åsa helps him with his candles

He grows up to be a Music Lover and an Artistic Prodigy, and to look like every other little boy.

Maria cooks and has an animated discussion with the voices in her head. No wonder everthing takes so much time for her.

Apparently she cooked a Baked Alaska, and it’s time for Maria’s last baby!

Leo freaks out, but it’s not even his baby.

It takes forever as usual!

It’s a girl! Maria’s last baby is a girl! She is born on Saturday week 25 at 9.27 pm and she gets the name Jaana.

Thereby, Åsa is dethroned and she moves out to live with her father Åke and her twin sister Akiko.

Bertil is happy to meet his little sister

Kasper is not…

So, what shall we do with our lives now while waiting for Jaana to grow up? David and Joakim play chess, but Joakim doesn’t appreciate that David cheats.

Lennart is a Wild toddler and loves to run around naked

And he asks his father Leo to teach him stuff.

Their niece Anna, Miranda’s daughter calls and invites Kasper for a play date, and he invites Bertil and Maria to tag along

Maria comforts Julia, Anna’s sister. The girls’ father recently died.

Forgot that Bertil is a Loner. He doesn’t appreciate the company.

And Kasper is way too tired.

Maria appreciates to meet her oldest daughter Miranda though.

Late Sunday evening they all head home and Maria plays around with Lennart. 72 babies to go.

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