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100 Baby Challenge - Week 24, Fruitcake

Last time, David grew up to an Angelic toddler. Bertil was born and grew up to a silly toddler. Petra moved out to live with Bertil’s father Bengt. Petra and Miranda got pregnant and gave Maria two new grandchildren – Joakim and Anna. Maria’s Joakim grew up to a Geek child. Akiko and Åsa grew up to teens and acquired the LTWs of Bestselling Author and Successful Lineage

Week 24 start with Maria Nyberg, adult, her four sons and two daughters. The kids are three teens, one child and two toddlers. We don’t know if Maria is pregnant!

Of course she’s pregnant!

The father-to-be is a bit overwhelmed. “I’m too old for this!”

Anton loves to clean!

Good that the house is clean, because it’s David’s birthday!

David’s father Daniel helps him with the candles

He grows up to be an Insane Artistic Prodigy, and with an insane hat!

Home alone when the other kids are in school, it’s only Maria and Bertil. They even have time to read.

And Bertil has time to sit in the new sitting group by the bar.

It’s a slow week. The most interesting thing is that Linnea comes out at night, feeling romantic.

And Maria finalizes her Painter Extraordinaire LTW!

She starts a new one to become a Masterchef

Then it’s time for the baby!!

It’s another boy! 4 in a row… He is born on Thursday at 04.44 am and gets the name Kasper.

Hahaha! Joakim is uncomfortable after having eaten fruit cake. “What did I just eat? Yuck! Is there really someone that eats fruit cake?!”

But he’s happy to meet his new brother.

Åsa, who is still the heir, is tense due to filthy environment and most of all lack of fun.

The other kids are doing fine.

Maria goes hunting at the new arcade/bar, but there is no one around. There are too few sims in this world!

At the gym there are only girls.

So we go shopping in the gallery. Thank Leuchtfisch for these guys!

And it’s not long before one of them shows up at the gym!

Maria jumps in head first.

Leo falls for it instantly

While the kids are still in school, Maria brings Leo home.

They hardly know each other, but it would be possible to make a baby, and then we realize that the house is full. Damn it! Anton, Akiko, grow up fast!

Anton hates fruit cake too, hahaha!

Both Bertil and Anton are due to grow up from age and not skill.

Anton goes first and grows up to be Good on top of Neat (and Insane). It will be a pity to get rid of him, but we’ll have to.

Then it’s Bertil’s turn. His father Bengt helps him with the candles.

He grows up to a Loner Rambunctious Scamp, and we missed to take a photo of him upon transition.

Anton moves out to live with his brother Jonas and their cousin Julia, no 10 Stella’s daughter.

Kasper grows up to a Charmer toddler

The fruitcake is still not finished and the house is degrading when Anton is not here to clean it.

Upside of that is that Leo is back


In Maria’s new LTW to become a Masterchef it is included that she is to host a Dinner Party and reach gold.

And with a main course that we forgot and a cheesecake dessert, it’s easily achieved.

And with a bad picture showing that Maria is now on level 10 in Gourmet cooking, we end this week. 74 babies to go.

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