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Lost on Lake Victoria - Part 6

I still don't get this with the cuts. Sometimes it works, but most of the time not. Could someone please send me an instruction - LJcuts for Dummies?


Both Locke and Kate get promotions to spelunkers, and brings home 675 simoleons each. Yay!

They celebrate in a way that suits Kate perfectly


Day 13 – Saturday


Hurley gets promoted to Drive-through Clerk. I guess there are many castaways needing to buy drive-through food.

Kate invited a friend from work and is now trying to schmooze her way up the ladder.



Day 14 – Sunday


This will be interesting. Kate has had all the men that are still on the island. Wonder how long it takes before one of them finds out.

And in the afternoon Sayid comes home with another promotion under his belt. Now he’s Drill Instructor!

So far the schmoozing seems to work fine. The outing score rocks!

Sayid is experimenting with the juicer he found. The only thing that could be put in the juicer was a boot Hurley had caught. Now let’s see what effect boot juice has on a knowledge sim.

1. Food enthusiasm

2. Cheering

3. No more?

4. No more

It’s 6 AM and the Others are here again! This time Locke is leaving. He didn’t gain a single aspiration point since Friday. Kate on the other hand has gained quite a few…

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