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100 Baby Challenge - Week 23, Grandchildren

Last time, the current heir Åsa grew up to a Mean Rambunctious Scamp. Jonas moved out to live with his cousin Julia. Petra grew up to an Ambitious young adult and had a hard time starting a relationship with Bengt. Anton grew up to a Neat teen. Joakim and David were born and were both loved and hated by their siblings. Joakim became a Silly toddler. Maria herself grew up to adult and was pregnant three times.

Week 23 starts with Maria Nyberg, adult, her three daughters and three sons. The kids are one young adult, one teen, two children, one toddler and one baby. Maria is pregnant by Bengt Persson and expects her ninth child.

We start off the week with a nice family breakfast.

When the kids have left for school, Maria goes to Miranda’s house to meet her grandchild Julia. Julia is Miranda’s daughter.

Back home it’s time for David to grow up to an Angelic toddler. He certainly looks the part.

Then it’s time for Petra to make a move on Bengt again. This time it’s easier. Guess since he already has been with Maria and is non-committal, it’s time for him to move on to the next lady.

When she asks him to move in with her, he’s not overenthusiastic!

But he accepts and Petra and Bengt move in together in another house.

Just for fun we do a detour and impregnate our oldest daughters.

In the main house, David works on his skills

Then Maria’s labour starts

It’s another boy, the third in a row! He is born on Wednesday at 6.39 pm and gets the name Bertil.

The insanity trait is funny. You never know what will happen in the next moment. Today Maria is happy from her trait.

Maria spends some time with Joakim, her big little guy

It’s time for him to grow up, but we cannot be bothered to throw another party.

He grows up to be a Geeky Artistic Prodigy.

So now Maria can focus on David and Bertil

Akiko is happy to have met her new little brother

Bertil has a halfbrother, Joakim (Why did you name him after your brother Petra?) who is also his nephew.

Petra’s Joakim is the first boy born from non-heirs of the 100 baby challenge.

Miranda had her baby too. It’s another girl, named Anna.

David behaves like every other toddler has done in this house, falling asleep on the kitchen floor. His father Daniel is there if not really watching over him.

Akiko and Åsa are both A students and are coming back to be the same age.

A party is arranged.

First of all, Bertil grows up to a Silly toddler

Akiko looks like she’s falling off the monkey bars when she plays in her party dress.

Then she blows out her candles.

She grows up to be a Jealous aspiring Bestselling Author

Then it’s Åsa’s turn. Her uncle Oliver looks disappointed that we missed our Kodak moment when the current heir blew out the candles.

Åsa grows up to be a Loner with an LTW to have a successful lineage. If she will remain the heir, it’s both good and bad. Successful lineage is a perfect LTW for a breeder, but Loner is really not suitable when you have the house full of kids. Nice partywear!

Bertil has a really cute T-shirt when he starts to build a relationship to his father/brother-in-law.

“What do you mean brother-in-law?”
“Yeah, since you live with my sister Petra”

Bengt is helpful. J68 repeats the advice to always say yes when the baby daddies want to come over.

Maria makes progress with gourmet cooking and painting masterpieces.

Åsa is practicing to take care of children.

And here is randomly Maria’s full family tree. Starts to look amazing! 16 kids in the second generation and so far 9 in the third.

Saturday night Maria goes manhunting again. At the comedy club she meets her brother Frank, no 12, in ghost form, and Alvar, no 14. Per, Petra’s father is there too.

There’s also a girl called Linnea Nyberg! As far as we know, she’s not related to us.

Maria tries to flirt with a guy named Johan, but he won’t have it.

Instead she does her routine on baby making duties. She gets one fan, a brown-haired guy named Per. We don’t want any more brown-haired baby daddies, it’s too boring!

Maria’s man-hunting is in vain this time so she goes home and we focus on our heir. Åsa needs to get one skill up to level 3, and why not Athletics. She goes for a jog.

She also does some push-ups and situps. Don’t know why she didn’t keep the sportswear on.

Maria paints a couple of masterpieces. She only needs one more to fulfill her LTW.

Akiko teaches David to talk.

Sunday night it’s hunting time again. Maria goes to the nightclub and flirts with the elderly bartender Karl. There’s a risk that he’s got brown-haired genes, but what can you do, there seems to be no other colours available in this town.

He’s very receptive to Maria’s charms. That’s not a ring that glimmers, it’s something in her drink.

Karl Lindberg is following Maria home

And he’s very willing to share her bed. But with two minutes to midnight, we leave you on a cliffhanger. Is Maria pregnant or not??? 75 babies to go.

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