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Lost on Lake Victoria - Part 5

Trying to learn how to use cuts


Finally, Jack is finding his job in the Medical field. It’s remarkable how long it has taken.

The mandatory fixing-the-sink picture, featuring Sayid with a wrench, which is actually not used to bang the equipment.


Day 10 – Wednesday

Jack is in the zone! Wonderful! We’ve got a nature hobby plaque, and he’s in a good enough mood to go to work. Yihoo!

And Hurley, our last unemployed survivor finds a job as dishwasher. This sure is a happy day! Maybe we can start buying things off the list – for example a shower!

When Kate arrives home from work, Jack welcomes her with a series of kisses up her arm. Luckily Hurley isn’t at home. The local wolf seems intrigued.

At last! The shower is found! Everyboy is lining up to use it. Kate entertains Locke while waiting for Jack.

“You know, Sayid, I think Kate is planning on being unfaitful to Hurley.” Jack says
“What makes you say that, Jack?” Sayid wonders.

“Could you people like get off this island, we’re trying to woohoo here!”
Sorry guys, you haven’t earned enough to build walls yet, so no luck for Locke and Kate.


Day 11 – Thursday

Life has become easier on the island since everybody got themselves jobs and they could afford a shower. Hurley is gaining a silver badge in fishing – good job!

Yay! A promotion! Sayid is in the Elite Forces now! And, most important, he brings home 1.365 simoleons!

All the money Sayid brought home made it possible to build the first hut. It is promptly inaugurated by Hurley and Kate.


Day 12 – Friday

Friday morning! The Others are here! Today they take Jack. It was a close call who would go.

/j68 - Still trying to learn how to use cuts


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