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100 Baby Challenge - Week 22, Three Pregnancies

Last time, Linnea helped with cleaning. Miranda grew up to a snobby young adult. Miranda and her boyfriend Lars got pregnant and moved out. She gave birth to daughter Julia while unplayed. Petra grew up to a Romantic teen. The family tried to celebrate Christmas but failed. Everybody were miserable. Jonas grew up to an Insane adult. The twins got separated when Akiko grew up to a mean child, while Åsa stayed a toddler.

Week 22 starts with Maria Nyberg, young adult, her three daughters and two sons. The kids are one young adult, one teen, two children and one toddler. Maria is pregnant by Johan Lundqvist and expects her seventh child.

The Christmas decorations are still up and Åsa’s cake is still on the counter spoiling

Åke is as wondering as we are why only one of his twin daughters has grown up.

Regardless, Maria makes a new cake and makes sure Åsa is grown up properly, but without a party. The house is a mess as usual.

Oh no! Åsa grows up to be mean too! And she’s the current heir… She also becomes a Rambunctious Scamp.

The first thing she does as a child is to be rude to a random kid.

As decided last time, we’re not keeping Jonas in the house, he’s too high maintenance. First we decide to move him in with uncle Gunnar (baby no 13) and his daughter Linnea.

But then we realize that aunt Stella (baby no 10) has passed away and cousin Juiia lives alone, and then he moves in there instead.

Time for a new baby!

On Monday week 22 at 11.15 pm, a new baby boy is born. He gets the name Joakim. Åsa is still the heir.

And strangely enough, this mean child is happy to have a brother!

Unlike Anton who is angry.

And Akiko is sad for the same reason. Petra doesn’t look too happy either, but it is mostly due to not showering we think. On the other hand she’s a slob, so might not care.

Maria resumes her hunting immediately

Daniel is receptive

He comes back home with us

He’s very flirty. We get the message that it is Maria’s birthday, but we ignore it.

Instead Maria takes Daniel to her bed

And she’s pregnant!

Daniel stays for breakfast. The two hardly know each other, but they have a high romantic relationship.

Then Joakim grows up to a silly toddler. Time flies!

Girls night in the kids’ bedroom!

As usual when pregnant, Maria makes an effort towards her LTW and paints.

Åsa gets glitched the same way Stella was once when we had to move, the audience might remember.

Luckily it sorts itself out, but we had to delete all the beds, since for each one we deleted she was teleported to the next. However, she’s late for school.

"Now it’s only you and me, Joakim, let’s have some cake!"

"And a story about a fox!"

Anton and Akiko do their homework together on their new beds.

Maria ends her and Johan’s romance. It’s about time, since she’s already expecting another man’s child.

Friday morning both Petra and Åsa refuse to go to school.

Maria is more exhausted than usual

So it’s a good thing that Johan is here taking care of Joakim.

Despite being late for school, Petra comes home with A grades. It’s like yesterday she became a teen, and now she’s going to be a young adult!

She brings home her school mate Bengt, who we plan to set her up with before moving her out. They talk about commitment issues – is it him that have them?

Now – party!

Since it’s still Christmas, the Christmas sweaters are on. Maria is VERY pregnant.

Our beautiful little Petra!

She grows up to be ambitious and is thereby the first kid to escape the insanity of the family. Congratulations!

We also take the opportunity to grow up Bengt while we’re at it. Cousin Karin is amazed.

We immediately set our plan in motion

Bengt is first stunned and then offended. *--
Petra is annoyed: “I’ve seen my mother do this multiple times!”

“OK then, let’s start from the beginning!”

Then Akiko glitches out

And we have to forcefully remove all the beds again. Johan, could you please us some PJs when you sleep in the kids's beds!

Party! Anton grows up due to age.

He grows up to be Neat. It will be painful for him, but very convenient for everybody else in the house! His father Andreas thinks: “Good luck, my son, to straighten out this stinking dump!”

And his toils start immediately, poor Anton.

Time for the next baby!

The father to be awaits the delivery anxiously

Uncle Gunnar is anxious too, but Maria takes a nap. This will take a while.

It’s another boy! He’s born on Saturday week 22 at 2.12 pm and gets the name David.

Åsa is still the heir and she loves this little brother too!

Unlike Akiko who hates him

Joakim is mostly sad, probably from the competition.

Akiko tries to calm herself in front of the mirror.

Anton helps out with taking care of Joakim.

When Maria takes a piece of leftover cake we suddenly remember that it was her birthday already when she got pregnant with David, so it’s about time we do something about it.

A new cake is baked, but no party. There are enough parties here already.

And all of a sudden Maria is an adult. Just look how clean the house is nowadays!

Being an adult, we have to speed up the baby making. Bengt, Petra’s intended is here and we get a devious plan….

Him and Petra are not in love yet, so why not use him…?

He’s as easy as everybody else. J68 can really not understand how Petra can have such troubles with him. She’s romantic too, just like Maria.

Very easy indeed!

And Maria is pregnant, for the third time this week!

Bengt is horrified to hear the news

Maria realizes that she didn’t break up with Daniel yet and makes sure to do that before things get awkward. He takes it in stride.

And she breaks up with Bengt too while she’s at it. He’s intended for Petra anyway.

And when Petra resumes her quest to get together with Bengt, with Akiko as a chaperon, she finds out that he’s indeed Non-committal. And that’s the end of this week. 76 babies to go.

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