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100 Baby Challenge - Week 21, Miserable Christmas

Last time, the house and its inhabitants were a complete mess. Miranda and Jonas grew up to insane and childish teens and Petra and Anton to slobby and insane children. Åsa and Akiko were born and grew up to fussy and wild toddlers. Good news was that Maria met another milestone in her LTW to become a Painter Extraordinaire.

Week 21 starts with Maria Nyberg, young adult, her four daughters and two sons. The children are two teens, two children and two toddlers. Maria is not pregnant.

If you ever plan to do a 100 babies challenge, make sure to always accept when the baby daddies want to hang out. They are very useful sometimes!

Miranda comes home from school with A grades. Aww, our oldest daughter is growing up!


Jonas is in charge of the cake, but he’s not the best cook. It’s supposed to be a white cake

The most important thing is that it is a cake at all though! Petra cheers Miranda on

Miranda grows up to be a Snob, which we find clashes a bit with her other traits.

Her insane trait is strong though

Our current heir is in a terrible state. Maria is really not fit to take care of all these children.

Probably she wishes that her mother was still alive. At least she gets to meet her quite often.

Linnea does help out a lot actually. Even though she cannot help with the kids, she’s doing a lot of cleaning around the house.

Miranda helps out with cooking

And Åke helps out with the twins.

You think that would be enough, but the house is still a mess. Maria gets randomly angry from her insane trait

She tries to work it off by cleaning but it doesn’t work, so she heads to the gym

And by doing some angry reps she eventually gets happy again.

Then we have time to see that our closest brothers, no 14 Alvar and no 16 Oliver are here.

Then Maria tries flirting a bit with the PT. But first of all his name is Åke and we don’t want any more unmatching names in our brood, and secondly he’s got brown hair – too little genetic variety.

After showering at the gym the sims wear towels in the dressing room. Never saw that before!

Maria wears the towel even to the museum where she heads after the gym. No interesting men there either, so she heads home.

Back home Miranda tells her friend Lars about her miserable life.

They try to destress with some cloudgaziing

It works fine and they start flirting

Maria is back and maxes her painting skill

Then some dinner

Anton is sad from his insanity trait.

Petra comes home with A grades


Cake! Anton gets a fit

Petra grows up to a really beautiful girl with an LTW to be a Renaissance sim and the romantic trait.

Cousins Karin and Julia and aunt Stella are here to celebrate

Karin challenges Petra to a game of chess

And Miranda works on her romance with Lars.

It works out very well

And soon Miranda is pregnant

It’s decided that Miranda moves in with Lars Nyström, his mother and sister.

Maria’s romancing has been neglected all week, but now it’s time. She goes to the bar and meets a young man named Johan Lundqvist.

She works fast and soon invites him over to her house


In the meantime, Petra and Jonas take care of their small siblings

And Linnea does some cleaning, all in preparation for…


And we try to do a scored Christmas party

But it’s very hard with a very angry toddler

The party is a disaster, but at least Maria takes a picture with her latest baby daddy

Because yes, Maria is pregnant again, expecting her seventh child.

The ones she has are a nuisance. Jonas sets the kitchen on fire

Åsa is very angry, but Anton actually tries to help the best he can, being just a child himself.

And Petra is a good girl. So to be fair, it’s Jonas and the toddlers that are annoying.

Maria still tries to hang on to the holiday spirit and makes a roast chicken, but fails. How can you fail?! You have maxed your cooking skill! Maria wishes she had made a salad instead.

Åsa is now raging

Akiko thinks the food is yucky

Jonas is very sad from his outgoing trait

The twins’ father, despite being mean, is Maria’s best company for the moment

Finally the twins are due to grow up, from age and not skill.

Oliver and Julia are here for the occasion. Maria bakes the cake.

Damn kid! Anton took a slice of the cake before we had time to put candles on it, so now Maria has to make another one!

Miranda is here too, and she’s not pregnant anymore!

Miranda has given birth to a baby girl and named her Julia. Come on Miranda, couldn’t you have had some more fantasy, you have a cousin named Julia!

We have found out that also Jonas is due to grow up, so he starts on the second cake.

Oh joy, also he inherits the Insane trait. So now he’s an Insane, Outgoing, Childish aspiring Chief of Mischief. We cannot keep him in this house!

The very angry, fussy toddler Akiko blows out her candles with the help of her father.

Oh joy, again, she grows up to be a Mean Artistic Prodigy

And  she’s still very angry.
We were also supposed to grow Åsa up, but it’s impossible to get her to the cake, since she’s exhausted an crawls back into bed as soon as we get her out to blow out the candles.

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