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Belladonna Wishes - Week 3 - Lööv

Last time Emelie skilled a lot, spent time with the neighbours and with her girlfriend Tabitha

Emelie Lööv, Knowledge/Fortune. LTW Space Pirate

Emelie is a Knowledge sim and gets her wish points from skills

But she also likes to talk to the neighbours

She gets a job in her desired career of Adventure as a Multiregional adventure sim.

Since she has been unemployed for a while, she doesn’t have the money to pay the rent

But she continues to skill and spend time with the neighbours

Every day the landlady comes by demanding to get paid, but Emelie still doesn’t have the money.

But she’s got skills!

Thursday it’s the same, even though the situation is improved.

She paints a masterpiece and sells is

It still doesn’t help and now the other bills are piling up too. Emelie decides to get a room mate

And finally on Friday morning she’s able to pay the rent.

She celebrates with a visit to the park

And some chatting online

For being a Knowledge sim, Emelie is very chatty.

But she ends the week with a workout session and a skill point.

It was a pretty good week for Emelie, but it was very hard for her to earn money to pay the bills. It ended up with an ok score.

Tags: belladonna wishes, lööv

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