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100 Baby Challenge - Week 20, Complete Mess

Last time, Maria had mood swings and had a hard time keeping up with household chores and child rearing. She painted several masterpieces. She met milestones in her LTW. She also had an intense romance with Andreas, got pregnant and Anton was born and grew up to a raging wild toddler. Miranda, Jonas and Petra just puttered along in the same age group all week.

Week 20 starts with Maria Nyberg, young adult, her two daughters and two sons. The kids are two children and two toddlers. Maria is not pregnant.

Maria is always starving and exhausted. It’s very hard to get anything done. She starts everything but leaves it. Today she managed to start two meals. If she can finish them they will absolutely come to use, because the kids are always hungry too.

Everybody chose a different meal

As usual we also have severe toddler neglect.

We really need to try to get a grip on life here!

And soon we might get some help, since both Miranda and Jonas are A students.


Miranda grows up with cute hair, an LTW to be Friend of the World, and with the Insane trait.

Jonas grows up with the Childish trait and an LTW to be Chief of Mischief

Uncle Frank, uncle Oliver and cousin Karin are all here to celebrate

We missed the cake picture, but Petra grows up too, to become a Slob Artistic Prodigy child with the same hair that Miranda had as a child.

Miranda crashes on the kitchen floor as she did already as a toddler.

Anton is raging again. Since last time we have learned in other blogs that it’s really dangerous to get to level three of any emotion, the sim can die from it! We really hope that it doesn’t apply to toddlers.

The bowl of chili at least gets him down to very angry

Then he crashes on the floor in the complete mess of the sitting room.

Luckily Petra is a slob and doesn’t care about the mess or even the smashed doll house.

Åke, the mailman who we met last week wants to come over. Sure! Maybe we’ll have some progress on our ultimate goal…

Åke is receptive

And Maria is pregnant

Wow! Anton is in no stage of anger!

But it doesn’t last long.

Not long at all…

Maria finds some time to work on her LTW. Pregnancy is the best time to do that, when she doesn’t have to do hunting.

We also find time to look at Petra and Anton’s family trees. They both have a paternal grandmother, but no half siblings on their fathers’ sides.

Maria finds out that in addition to Mean and Jealous, Åke is also a Loner. Great contribution of genes to a 100 baby heir… Not!
Too late, but she breaks things off with him.

Labour starts Friday afternoon

It’s twin girls, born on Friday week 20 at 7.52 pm. There are no Swedish girl names starting with ÅK, and only one starting with Å – That’s why the first twin is called Åsa. Then we had to check a list of world names to find a girl’s name starting with AK – Akiko was the answer, it’s a Japanese name. Therefore, the twins now have a complete mess of unmatching names.

Finally someone took care of the dishes and the smashed doll house. There might be hope for this family.

Or not. The mess is soon back, despite the fact that our beloved brother Alvar is here helping out.

Åke checks out his daughter, but he doesn’t help out in the slightest.

Luckily Miranda helps instead.

Maria herself does most of the work though

Including feeding the family and the guests

She puts in some effort towards her LTW and reaches the next milestone. Now she needs to reach level 10 and produce 5 more master pieces.

This kid is like a zombie, always angry!

Luckily he’s due to grow up, from age

So we’re making him a zombie cake and see that our brother Frank has become an elder.

We are worried that there is something wrong with Jonas. He just stands around and doesn’t take care of himself at all. It is not possible to give him a queue of activities either, they get cancelled out. When we just give him one command, he sometimes goes through with it. Maybe there is nothing wrong with him after all, maybe he’s just a teen.

Daddy Andreas helps Anton with the candles on the zombie cake.

Anton grows up to be an Insane Social Butterfly. Life is great. The insanity runs deep in this family.

The hat suits his personality perfectly. And he’s affected by the mess

Jonas is a mess himself, still not taking care of his needs.

Petra’s father Per wants to come over

And they cloudgaze together – too cute!

And we round off this week with Akiko and Åsa growing up to toddlers. One fussy one and one wild. Gaah! We will have another terrible week! Good news is that we have some genetic variety compared with the rest of the kids since Åsa is a redhead with green eyes.
78 babies to go!

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