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Belladonna Wishes - Week 3 - Larsson

Last time, all inhabitants acquired secondary aspirations. Irma was pregnant but lost the baby. Before the end of the round she was pregnant again. Josefin skilled and dated Tom Fresk. Jonas was promoted rapidly but then demoted again.
Since last week, Josefin moved out and moved in with Tom.

Jonas Larsson, Fortune/Family, LTW Captain Hero
Irma Larsson, Fortune/Knowledge, LTW Business Tycoon

Josefin who now lives next door, is visiting

Irma gets points from playing the guitar. Wonder what the baby thinks about that?

Jonas is close to his sister and gets points by spending time with her.

And from dancing

The young couple gets a lot of wishes from each other

Then it’s time for the baby

It’s a boy and he gets the name Albin after Jonas’s father.

Dancing continues, but no one cleans

The guitar is also the source of many wishes

As is interaction with other sims

Irma gets a big wish from earning money

And a smaller one from inviting people over.

A drum set is bought

Irma is happy to be promoted

And after three tries finally finds someone who is willing to come over.

Finally some cleaning!

Time for Albin to grow up to have wishes of his own. It takes two tries

Albin is a toddler!

Toys fulfill his first wishes

Irma gets skill points

Aunt Josefin likes to take care of her nephew. If we remember correctly she’s pregnant, and maybe wants to practice a little bit.

Albin starts his musical career

Albin’s nanny walks through the wall to the next apartment and cannot get back. With Albin’s needs decaying we are forced to delete the nanny to get another one.

No harm done. Jonas gets wishes from working out.

Mother and son bonding

Skill points give wish points

And interaction with family members

Then it’s Albin’s birthday again

And he gets a piano as a birthday gift.

Even though the family had a nice week, they were really hard to please, so it’s a low score.


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Jan. 6th, 2018 08:22 pm (UTC)
I bet their neighbors aren't fond of all of their instruments, LOL. Do they ever get noise complaints from the neighbors? That's a thing in Sims 2 isn't it?
Jan. 13th, 2018 07:58 am (UTC)
It is a thing, but I don't think they had that. If you have the stereo on in the evening the neighbours might commplai, but usually they complain about smell if you leave a plate on your own table :)
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