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100 Baby Challenge - Week 19, Painting Milestone

Last time, we had a big fire and a lot of toddler neglect. Miranda grew up to a Kleptomaniac Whiz kid. Petra was born and grew up to an Angelic toddler. Jonas grew up to an Outgoing Whiz Kid. No new baby daddies were pursued.

Week 19 starts with Maria Nyberg, young adult, her two daughters and one son. They are two children and one toddler.

It’s an eventless period in the 100 baby challenge house. Our girls have breakfast together. Everybody prefer the couch for their meals before the patio table or the kitchen counter.

Petra’s father Per is visiting

Maria decides it’s time to find a new baby daddy and to pursue her LTW at the same time, so she invites Andreas Öhman to hang out at the museum.

Easiest LTW milestone ever to just look at three pieces of art at a museum

Time for flirting. “Come home with me!”

And he does. Wonder what colour hair he’s got?

Intermission to feed the kids. The girl in glasses is the kids' cousin Karin, Alvar’s daughter.

Flirting continues, but suddenly Andreas is gone

So Maria discusses sports with Per. Petra’s father

We found Andreas again, sobbing at Linnea’s tombstone. Didn’t know that they knew each other.

Yay, pregnant!

And we can inform the audience that Andreas has black hair. A third black haired baby is predicted. Maybe should start pursuing blond men if we can find one, just to get some variety. Linnea had kids of all hair colours – black, brown, red, rye blond and flax blond. Maria has only black and brown so far.

Jonas is a Whiz kid and plays a game of chess with Per who still hangs around.

Then Jonas and Miranda have dinner/breakfast together. The sleeping schedules in this family are terrible.

Maria is sad from her Insane trait and wants to cry it out in the kids’ bed

But no, let’s channel that into a sad painting instead

Look – Master Piece!

All three kids in the same picture! Miranda is a Whiz kid too just as Jonas, so it’s perfect to sit them down to play chess together

Petra works on her skills

And so does Maria, monitored by Linnea

It’s another master piece!

Andreas is still in love with Maria, while she has started thinking about ending things with him and try to find the next daddy. Progress is slow for Maria, since housework wears her down and child rearing really doesn’t come naturally to her. She’s a fantastic painter though!

So she breaks it off but hope that they can still be friends.

Miranda and Jonas are back from school and do their homework together on the patio.

Maria meets the mailman on the sidewalk – and look – he’s a redhead!

Maria: “Welcome to the neigbourhood, Mr Mailman, mighty snappy uniforms the state postal services have nowadays!”
Åke the Mailman: …


Alvar is here for support, and to look after the other kids

“Puff, puff, puff!”

It’s a boy who gets the name Anton. He is born on Friday week 19, 01.18 am.

Alvar loves his nephew and takes good care of him

But Miranda resents this baby as much as she has done the others

Maria works hard to try to be a better mother. Maybe we could get Petra’s skills up before she grows up due to age.

Karin comes home with the kids from school, and Maria also tries to be a good aunt. Karin is Alvar's daughter and Alvar is Maria's most beloved brother.

Then she’s invited to her oldest niece Julia’s birthday party – she going to be a young adult. Julia is Stella's daughter. Maria brings Åke and flirts with him. Unfortunately she finds out that he’s mean and jealous, but what can you do – it doesn’t necessarily affect his possible children

J68 is a terrible photographer – not one picture from the party at Stella and Julia’s place. Instead, we find ourselves at home again, flirting with the mean mailman.

Then it’s time to end this week, with Anton who grows up to be a wild toddler. He’s also in a new stage of anger which we never saw – first they are angry, then very angry, and now – raging! This will be a fun kid. 80 babies to go!

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