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Belladonna Wishes - Week 3 - Glenarp

This session of 5 wishes was played 9 months ago!

Last time, the family interacted with each other in all constellations. Carina had many dreamdates. The adults had secondary aspirations. The toy car and the telescope were put to good use. Barbara and Fabian grew up. Fabian had a Family aspiration and got his first kiss. Samantha was turned into a nice witch

Adrian Glenarp, Knowledge, LTW Chief of Staff
Carina Grimmhav, Romance, LTW 20 loves
Samantha Glenarp, Knowledge, LTW 20 Best Friends
Fabian Glenarp, Family, LTW 3 kids graduate from Uni
Barbara Glenarp, child

We start off the week with Adrian skilling

Fabian brings home a playable girl from school, but it has been so long since we played this that we have forgotten her name. Think she’s a Furberg though.

Carina asks for a date

And Barbara increases her mechanical skill

Carina gets another point by inviting people over.

She enjoys spending time with Benjamin Bergros.

Samantha who is nowadays a witch, earns body points by skipping rope.

Fabian continues to spend time with the girl next door.

Adrian has been promoted to General Practitioner but gets his wish points from skilling.

Samantha also likes skilling a lot

Dinner is served

Barbara likes animals and gets a lot of points from them

Adrian reads skilling books

And Samantha works out.

Fabian invites Jacqueline who he wants to be best friends with.

Then he’s in for some skilling too

Barbara works on her creativity.

All the family does what they like the best

Dating is great but doesn’t always pan out as planned

But they are soon back on track, Benjamin is a three-bolter after all.

Samantha gets a point from her promotion to General Practitioner, and Adrian from stargazing

ABDUCTION! Unfortunately Adrian is too old to get impregnated.

Then a period of making friends.

Barbara gets to know Signe Frost

And Fabian becomes friends with Peter Jr Ottomas

A body point

And a bowling date with Jacqueline

Back home Samantha maxes her body skill

Very often we have class mates over.

And Carina arranges parties.

She combines the party with a date

Fabian gets a new best friend

And Adrian gets a skill point

Barbara grows up well to a Pleasure teen wih an LTW of 50 first dates. That will be fun… Not.
At the same time, Fabian is up for a secondary aspiration of Popularity. We’re not surprised.

The teens apply for scolarships and Adrian gets a big point

Look, husband and wife are doing something together!

Carina asks Benjamin for a date again

They have a great time!

Adrian grows up well to elder

Barbara goes shopping

Samantha skills

Carina wants another man

Then she grows up to elder

Barbara tries the dating service to get started on her LTW.

Then she showcases her Pleasure aspiration

Mother and son have playtime in front of the TV.

Then history repeats itself

Until the week is over and it’s time to send Fabian to Uni to get a wish point in.

As usual it’s hard to keep up the wishes for highly qualified Knowledge sims, while Romancers and Pleasure sims are easy!

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