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100 Baby Challenge - Week 18, Fire and Neglect

Last time, Miranda was born and grew up to an angelic toddler. Jonas was born and Miranda was uncharacteristically angry. And that was that.

Week 18 starts with Maria Nyberg, young adult and her two children who are both toddlers.

Monday morning Maria starts a fire when making pancakes for breakfast

The fire rages on hour after hour, and it’s very hard to put out. Luckily no one is physically hurt, but it costs 6000§ to replace everything that is destroyed.

We see from the kids’ family trees that their fathers do not have complicated family situations. That’s nice!

Maria plans to complicate her own though.

Per is receptive

And Maria is pregnant

We forecast a brown-haired baby.

Maria’s brother Martin comes by. We don’t see him so often, we’re not that close. Martin is no 11 in Linnea’s brood and Maria no 15, so there is quite an age difference.

Jonas and Miranda are pretty neglected, and they are only two. Imagine what will happen when we have 5-6 kids!

Once in a while Maria at least manages to feed them

Luckily Miranda is due to grow up. Due to age.

Miranda is a sad birthday girl. Looking like a boy in her black cowboy outfit.

At least she’s got bows on her capri pants.

She grows up to become a Kleptomaniac Whiz kid and we see that both the current fathers have turned grey since we last saw them.

The toddler neglect continues

Probably since Maria is so exhausted herself due to her pregnancy.

Friday it’s time.

Miranda stole something in school. We already had a Klepto kid before, Frank, no 12, but as far we have noticed they never get into trouble from the stealing.

She also brought a friends from school. It’s her cousin Karin.

Karin is Alvar’s (no 14) daughter.


It’s a girl who gets the name Petra. She is born on Friday week 18 at 5.10 pm.

Miranda is sad to get a little sister and tells her that she should be put up for adoption.

Then she cheers herself up with the help of the playstation.

Despite the neglect and the fact that Jonas lives his life in his PJs, he’s pretty well off on his skilling. That’s the advantage with Independent toddlers!

He’s not always neglected though. Sometimes he’s the center of attention for the whole family, alive and dead alike.

Maria has a hard time keeping up with cooking and cleaning

Sometimes even Linnea has to lend a hand.

It’s Jonas’ birthday!

And today he gets a lot of attention from a lot of his uncles!

His father is here too of course!

And he grows up to be an outgoing Whiz Kid in a silly hat.

Per and Maria ends their romance.

And as a last note we give you Petra who grows up to be an Angelic toddler with angelic hair. She looks a lot like Maria. 81 babies to go!

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