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100 Baby Challenge - Week 17, Unwelcoming Generation 3

Last time, Alvar and Malin got pregnant, got married and moved out. Oliver grew up to a money hungry teen. Maria was suddenly a young adult and everybody else was moved out to make room for future children. Maria had a romance with Johan but they fell out. She eventually got pregnant.

Week 17 starts with Maria Nyberg, young adult, pregnant by Mikael Forsberg.

Maria is in a terrible state. While she sorts that out, let’s look at the family trees

Maria is the second youngest of Linnea’s 16 children – 7 boys and 9 girls. Only Oliver is younger than Maria. Her father Martin, as well as Linnea passed away, and also the three oldest sisters.

Alvar is child no 14. His father Alexander is still alive. Alvar and his wife Malin has daughter Karin together.

Gunnar is child no 13. He married Malin and they had daughter Linnea together. Malin also has stepchildren from (we presume) an earlier relationship. Gunnar’s father Gustav was a PT at Linnea’s gym.

Stella is child no 10, and for a long time we thought that she would become the heir, since she just had a long row of brothers younger than her, until Maria was born. Stella was the first child to marry and she had her daughter Julia with her husband Peter. Stella’s father Stefan has for some reason disappeared from the tree.

Maria is in her third trimester and while waiting for the big moment, she’s working towards her LTW.

While having lunch on the sidewalk with a random passer-by, the labour starts.

Since we know it will take hours, she uses the time to tidy up the house a bit.

Here we go!

The first member of generation 3 is a girl, born on Monday week 17 at 7.09 pm. She gets the name Miranda.


It’s possible that j68 is as insane as Maria, but it feels like a waste of male acquaintances to not use Johan as a baby daddy.

Don’t give up girl!

Intermission to take a photo with angry dead mother

And for Johan to show his quality as a father

Here we go!

What?! She’s not pregnant! Don’t let him get away!

Now, that’s better!

Johan is not exactly thrilled. Maybe we should get ourselves a maid, looking at the filthy sink in the background.

While pregnant it’s back to the easel, and spend time with our closest brother.

Miranda grows up to an Angelic toddler

So toddler training and care ensue.

And it continues until labour starts.

It’s a boy who’s born on Friday week 17 at 2.04 pm. He gets the name Jonas

All babies look the same, don’t they?

Miranda is angry over the intruder. She should be happy, she’s supposed to be angelic, right?

At least her father pays some attention

But not only to her, also to her damned little brother!

Miranda finds that an outrage and crashes on the kitchen floor.

At dinner time she calms down a bit

And when her father reads her a bedtime story, there’s hope for a better tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Maria has painted her first master piece.

Maria and Johan end their rollercoaster relationship

And Miranda gets some fatherly love.

Maria invites the next baby daddy Per. There’s a long way to go before there can be any production though.

On the other hand, Maria is insane enough to move fast

Intermission for birthdays! Jonas grows up to an independent toddler. Yay, he’ll be able to potty train himself.

Then we hear that our niece Julia has grown up to teen and Maria hurries away to see her and Maria’s sister Stella. And there the week is over. 82 babies to go!

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