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100 Baby Challenge - Week 16, Tainted Love

Last time Maria grew up to a Romantic teen and Olof became an elder. Gunnar grew up to young adult and got engaged to Malin Forsberg, and she moved in. Gunnar started a job in the Tech Guru career.
Linnea died from old age and everybody were really sad for a long time. Gunnar and Malin got married in a quiet ceremony. Alvar grew up to a young adult and started dating another Malin who moved in when Gunnar and the first Malin got pregnant and moved out.

Week 16 starts with Maria Nyberg who’s a teen, her stepfather Olof, her brother Oliver and her brother Alvar with partner Malin. There might be babies this week, but not counting towards the 100 babies…

Maria has a good relationship with her deceased mother Linnea. They are stargazing together on the early Monday morning

Maria starts her career as a Painter Extraordinaire

Alvar and Malin works on the next generation

Malin is pregnant!

Alvar is very happy

Linnea wants part of the happiness too.

A classical sims proposal in the bathroom

A wedding is planned

Apparently Stella forgot to change her formal wear since her own wedding and is so angry that she wants to stomp on the dollhouse.

The bride is playful

Then the ceremony starts.

And the party starts. Make sure it’s a non-alcoholic drink in the bride’s glass!

The groom has his hands full. How do you plan on eating that cake, Alvar? Licking it off the plate?

Then Maria and Oliver are back from school with A grades!

Oliver starts with blowing out the candles

He grows up to wish for enormous wealth and he gets the Cheerful trait

Then it’s Maria’s turn

She grows up to become a Bro

It’s only Monday night and our heir is already a young adult!

Maybe we’ll have the chance for babies anyway…? Maria makes a move on the bar tender Johan. We suddenly remember that Linnea tried that too, the same night she met Olof, the love of her life (after Travis who was her first true love)

It works better for Maria though!

Olof and Oliver are moved out to live with relatives. They at least have the same last name as Olof. Alvar and Malin are moved to their own house.

And for the first time in 15 weeks we have a single sim on the lot!

The day after the party a lot of cleanup is needed, but then Maria asks Johan on a date

It works fine to start with. They sit and chat on a park bench

They go inside for a drink and the grim reaper is there. He’s called Liemannen

They have a nice chat, but then Liemannen starts flirting with Maria. Note the drop on the romance bar with Johan. It’s literary seconds between the pictures

Maria doesn’t accept the advances from Liemannen, but the atmosphere is still ruined.

Back home the relationship continues to deteriorate

Even stargazing is awkward.

It’s very hard, they fall out more and more. Linnea never had problems with romance. Except with Johan, maybe he’s the problem here!

She asks Linnea for advice.

She tries one more time with Johan, but it seems hopeless

And eventually she asks him to be only friends.

In the meantime we get the news that Gunnar had a baby

Oh, cuteness! Gunnar had a girl and named her Linnea! (True story, j68 had nothing to do with it).
The big kids are Malin’s stepchildren. Who their father is and where he’s at, nobody knows.

So since the relationship with Johan went south, Maria needs another man. She goes clubbing and realize that her stepfather Olof has a standup routine.

He’s not very good though, and Maria certainly doesn’t make friends

Instead she ends up in the bar where Johan works tonight. After a while, which Fraps missed, she meets a candidate – a beefy guy named Mikael.

On Friday Maria invites Mikael over

He accepts her advances

It works very well

And Maria is pregnant with her first child! Generation 3 is on the go.

Mikael stays for a while and they have a nice afternoon together.

Then Maria puts in some effort towards her LTW.

Until Mikael invites her on a date.

They have a great time together and Maria finds out that Mikael is a Snobby, Kleptomaniac Genius.

But as an end note they still decide to end their relationship.

And we end this week with Maria getting romantic due to the voices in her head that speaks the language of love. It’s an effect of her Insane trait. Didn’t know the sim could get romantic from that!
84 babies to go.

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