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100 Baby Challenge - Week 15, Goodbye Linnea

Last time Linnea and Olof got married and he moved in. Linnea grew up to elder and Alvar to a Bookworm teen. Stella had a baby named Julia, making Linnea a proud grandmother. Oliver grew up to a Rambunctious child. The whole family spent a lot of time together

Week 15 starts with Linnea Nyberg, elder, her adult husband, her three sons and one daughter. The kids are two teens and two children. Another stretch of time is expected without babies.

We start this week with our heir being an A student

Time for a party, also for Olof who will become an elder.

Maria tells her pancakes a dramatic story

Julia is here and she’s doing a cute birthday dance!

Make a wish – blow out the candles…

And she grows up to a Romantic teen with an LTW of becoming a Painter Extraordinaire. Both perfect, since she’s going to need to romance a lot and will not be allowed a normal career.

Then it’s Olof’s turn. He’s a Business Tycoon, not sure we have mentioned that before. He earns so much money it’s ridiculous

He looks more or less the same after his transition, just grey.

As usual there is a big party and it results in a mess that takes days to clean up.

We start right away on Maria’s LTW

Look at the sadness! Our three oldest sisters are dead from old age, without any children. On the other hand Stella HAS a child, but Julia is not visible in this tree, which she should be, since she’s Maria’s niece.

Stella and Julia hang around all day

Then Gunnar and the rest of the family is invited to celebrate Magnus’ birthday. Gunnar invites Malin Forsberg, the girl he met outside the gym a while ago. They have kept in touch.

They like each others’ company, and soon Gunnar will be a young adult…

It’s a nice evening with all the siblings reunited.

Then it’s Gunnar’s turn. By age and not achievement.

At least Thea is interested.

And he grows up to be Romantic.

He immediately uses that to get close to Malin

It works swimmingly!

Meanwhile Maria barbeques some hot dogs

Gunnar is on a roll and invites Malin to a proper date

Ticking off the requirements for a great date

“Malin, will you be my soulmate?”

“Yes!” she exclaims and leaps into his arms

Then they are sickenly sweet for the rest of the date. Stina witnesses half the thing after they ran into the desert to a desolate barbeque spot, as they thought

So they have some hot dogs with Stina and her friend before they head home

“Move in with me!” Gunnar says with self-confidence, and Malin accepts. My Sim, she’s skinny!

It’s time for Gunnar to take responsibility for his own finances now when he’s going to be married, so he accepts a job as a tech guru.

And in that very moment, Linnea collapses on the kitchen floor!

The whole family, and j68, are in shock!

It takes a very long time. Maria reads a book through the whole ordeal

And Linnea dies for real at 10.45 pm on Friday week 15. Everybody are really sad, except Malin who’s more happy from the engagement than sad from the death. She didn’t really know Linnea, so it’s understandable.

Maria copes with her grief by painting sad pictures. Malin keeps her company

Olof calls the grief hotline

And in the middle of his own grief he’s trying to comfort Oliver, who is way too young to lose his mother.

We were planning on throwing another big wedding for Gunnar and Malin, but we really don’t feel like it. Regardless they want a nice wedding, so a quiet ceremony is arranged at home. Linnea is sort of there, since her grave is just behind the arch.

Despite the sadness it’s a beautiful ceremony.

It’s heartbreaking to see how affected Gunnar is from his mother’s passing

Malin does what she can to comfort him, they have a wedding night to take care of after all.

By Saturday afternoon we realize that Alvar is an A student. How long has he been that? Probably since Friday...

Still very sad, Alvar makes a cake for himself

He blows out the candles on his own and becomes a Goofball like his mother. Then he invites his father to hang out, mostly since he cannot get hold of the girl he’s interested in. We also see that Stina has become an elder by now.

Then Malin grows up to adult unattended. Oops, didn’t know she was that old.

And now Malin is very sad too, like the rest of the family. In her case it’s because nobody remembered her birthday, and she’s not pregnant

When Alvar succeeds in inviting Lena over, he realizes that she’s already married and is a stay-at-home mum, so Alvar’s plans to get involved with her are cut short.

His LTW is to have a big happy family, so he decides he needs to get out to find someone suitable to achieve that with.

Since he’s a bookworm he goes to the library. There he meets Malin (!) Holmgren

We quickly find out that Malin is a Librarian, which would be natural since she works at the library. She’s also a Family-oriented Bookworm! Is this a match made in heaven or what?!

“We’ve got so much in common, will you go out with me?”

She accepts and they go to the museum. While there they spend most of the time stargazing.

We also find out that Malin is Neat. Perfect wife material!

The date ends a bit awkward though, since Alvar faints from exhaustion.

Back home we find out that the first Malin is pregnant, and both Gunnar and Malin are very happy about it.

And by that Gunnar and Malin are moving out.

So Alvar asks his Malin to move in, and she does.

Olof is still very sad after Linnea’s passing, even though the kids are getting over it. He tries to connect to her spirit.

Malin makes herself useful. We find that she’s the same age as Alvar, with an LTW to have a successful lineage.

Alvar really couldn’t have chosen a better partner, he thinks when he kisses her for the first time. (True story!)

And we end this update with Maria, our current heir, who’s very happy that she can talk to her mother again. 84 babies to go.

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