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Last time, Linnea spent time with her elderly children and her last baby Oliver was born and grew up to a Clingy toddler. Maria the heir grew up to be an Insane Artistic Prodigy child. Gunnar grew up to a Genius Soulmate seeker. Frank and Martin grew up to young adults and moved out to live with Martin’s father. Stella married Peter Svensson in a beautiful ceremony at the park, got pregnant and moved out.

Week 14 starts with Linnea Nyberg, adult, her three sons and one daughter. Linnea’s last baby is born and there will be no more for quite some weeks. A different type of gameplay can ensue until Maria is a young adult.

For now the heir is content playing chess with her brother, so let’s concentrate on Linnea.

Linnea works on an abstract painting. It’s obviously a master piece

Then she asks Olof to come over

“Olof, will you marry me?”

Yes! He accepts both the proposal and to move in

They lose no time and arrange a private wedding ceremony immediately

Maria is randomly angry from her insane trait, so we send her cloud gazing

That makes her inspired and we can work on her aspiration

After Olof moved in we realized that he’s got a musical aspiration and bought him a grand piano. Why aren’t there any normal size pianos to buy?

Then it’s Linnea’s birthday

Olof is very charming towards his wife

Time for the candles!

Everybody have some cake please!

The family has become so big! And look at Mona, she’s already dead from old age!

Dinner is served, and then the party is over

The next  morning Linnea is trying out the new coffee maker that we pretend she got as a birthday gift. Might be that it’s actually Stella’s wedding present, we found it in the family inventory.

Breakfast with the boys

Alvar comes home from school with A grades.

Time for a party again

It’s still a big family. Alvar’s father Alexander is here, the one to the left in a pink shirt.

Stella, in brown, is very pregnant. Should be her time any minute now

Alvar grows up to be a Bookworm with an LTW to have a big happy family

Our heir still likes to tell herself stories and paint pictures.

Then we hear that Stella had her baby. It’s a girl named Julia. We’ll have to go see them!

“Hello Julia, I’m your grandmother!”

“Congratulations Stella! Lovely to see you all!”

“Aww, can you believe I’m a grandmother now?!”

No, not really, since you still have a toddler of your own

But not for long. Oliver is due to grow up, from age, not skill.

As per tradition, Daddy helps with the candles. The difference is that this daddy lives here.

He grows up to be a Squeamish Rambunctious Scamp, and he still looks a lot like Gunnar.

After the party, peace is restored

Gunnar and Alvar decide to go downtown to meet some people. We will try to marry them off too before they leave the house.

They go to the gym and they actually meet a couple of girls out there, but it’s more or less eventless and they go home again

Sunday Linnea cooks lunch on the barbecue

The it’s time to visit Julia again, since she grew up to a toddler.

Granny reads Julia a story

Oliver jokes with his little niece, and thereby this week is over. 84 babies to go.


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Dec. 5th, 2017 03:39 am (UTC)
Nice to see Linnea getting to relax and just enjoy her family without having to keep adding to it. Wonder if Stella and her husband will have any other kids on their own.
Dec. 5th, 2017 05:43 am (UTC)
I don't think they will, there seems to be no story progression other than aging in other households, thus explaining our older children continuing to live together single for their entire lives.
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