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100 Baby Challenge - Week 13, Last Baby, First Wedding

Last time, we had a new heir since Maria was born and became a Clingy toddler. Martin grew up to a serial romantic teen. Alvar grew up to a Whiz kid. Linnea became pregnant for the last time. Stella grew up to Young Adult and started a job in business

Week 13 starts off with Linnea Nyberg who is an adult, her two daughters and four sons. The kids are one young adult, two teens, two children and one toddler. Linnea is pregnant by the perfect man Olof Lindahl.

Big brother Magnus is visiting at 5 am Monday morning. Martin is up entertaining

Maria gets a bath while it looks like Linnea would need one too.

Apparently she had an accident and is still embarrassed. Well, it happens when you’re pregnant!

Stella in her office clothes tries to get to know Johan the bartender

Linnea gets invited to Beata’s birthday party and invites Olof to come along

“Hello my darling daughter, I cannot imagine that you’re turning adult and I’m pregnant again”

“Well, the pregnancies keep you young, just like has always been in this world”
“Yeah, it’s strange anyway, you know. This is the last one, I promise”

Everybody is cramming themselves into the small spare house

And all of a sudden Trine turns into an elder. That’s three of our kids turning elders!

But Linnea and Olof have eyes only for each other and the child they are expecting together.

Back home, Linnea goes directly into labour

Thea is here, keeping her mother company

On Wednesday week 13 at 01.36 am, Linnea’s last baby is born. It’s a boy and he gets the name Oliver. So – Maria is still the heir

Gunnar is sad to have a new little brother

Alvar and Maria are angry for the same reason. Welcome to the world, little one...

Nevertheless, Maria is due to grow up due to age

She’s still angry when she blows out the candles.

She grows up to be an Insane Artistic Prodigy. This can become interesting!

The party is as good as ever, but just look at our elderly daughters, it’s too sad! Why doesn’t the sim age while pregnant? It’s not realistic!

Life returns to normal after the party and Gunnar does his homework standing up

After having tried to hunt Johan the bartender all week without success, Stella decides to invite the guy she met once in her teens on her night out, if you remember.

They are quickly reconnected and are soon flirting

Maria doesn’t care, she's taking care of the dishes

It’s soon heating up, but it ends in an upright position today.

Maria is an artistic prodigy, but she hasn’t really started taking advantage of that

Linnea and Olof have a love story that heats up too. J68 has decided to maybe let Linnea keep Olof for life, which means that Oliver will have a better chance to get to know his father than any of the other kids have had.

Here they are, all the 16 kids by 14 fathers. It’s crazy! Too bad there is no story progression in the kids’ lives.

Frank continues to steal stuff in school

Stella gets a promotion at work

Olof connects with his son

It’s Gunnar and Oliver’s birthdays! By age.


Apparently it will become a party also for Martin and Frank since they come home with A’s.

Gunnar also made it, on his last day of childhood

Oliver grows up to be a Clingy toddler. Great! But at least he’s cute. He looks like Gunnar. Alas, no more flax blond kids. We had only one and that's Björg.

Martin is first on the cake.

He becomes a Goofball like his mother

Frank loves the outdoors like his father Fredrik

Gunnar’s turn

Gunnar grows up with the Soulmate LTW and the Genius trait. Since he’s already a Loner, we’re happy he didn’t become a serial Romantic. Not that it matters, he will not be able to live out his life dream most probably.

Linnea has found out that she wants to marry Olof.
J68: “Sure, why not?!”

Linnea: “Are you serious?”
J68: “Yes, but there are some thing we need to take care of first”

Martin is moved out to live with his father Mats.

Then we look frantically for Fredrik, Frank’s father, but we cannot find him anywhere, not even in the folder “not in the world”, so Frank is moved in with Martin and Mats.

Stella and Peter is another thing we need to take care of. They work hard on their relationship.

Olof makes himself at home, but he doesn’t live here yet.

The kids are left to their own devices.

“Peter, will you marry me?”


“Please move in with me!”

So Peter is moved in and a wedding is planned

The wedding is planned in a park, and Stella talks to Maria while waiting

The caterer didn’t show up, so Linnea makes the cake

The two lovebirds flirt

But all of a sudden Peter gets a fit of jealousy. For Sims’ sake, it’s her brother Martin, nothing to get a fit about! Apparently Peter has the Jealous trait.

Time for the ceremony!

Oh no, Peter is evil! Our poor baby Stella, we had no idea - he's both Jealous and Evil!

Well, too late now! Congratulations!

Look at all the beautiful family members!


To get a child married off made Linnea pass a milestone in her aspiration. For next level she’s already good friends with 4 children or grandchildren, and has an easy “spend time 10 times with children” to go for.

After the ceremony, let’s get the party started!

And we reach full score for the event! The groom is very happy indeed.

But poor Oliver is not. OMG, will we lose him?

Maria has a great time though, telling herself a story. She’s Insane, remember?

Back home, when the party finally (for Oliver) is over, he’s still in a terrible state. It takes all of Sunday to get him straightened out. But that’s how it is when you’re messing with toddlers’ routines. Luckily we don’t lose him, and don’t even get any warnings. Starting to wonder what it will take to lose a child. Will not be able to try on purpose!

The newlyweds take on their wedding night in Linnea’s bed. That’s the only double bed in the house.

Stella is pregnant! Linnea will be a grandmother!

Mission accomplished! Stella and Peter are moved out to their own house to start their own life with their child. 84 babies to go!


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