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100 Baby Challenge - Week 12, A New Heir

Last time, Linnea had surprises in her lovelife, through unfaithfulness and unexpected passion from old flames. Stella grew up to teenager and Alvar was born and became a brownhaired toddler. The house got glitched and we moved to a big house in the desert. Gunnar grew up to a Social Butterfly Loner child. Stella had a night out. Magnus became an adult and moved out to live with his father.

Week 12 starts off with Linnea Nyberg who is an adult, her one (!) daughter and four sons. The kids are one teen, three children and one toddler. Linnea is pregnant by the child hating Martin Nilsson.

Gunnar is a good boy and helps with the dishes. He is happy that there’s no party going on, he’s a loner and loves the peace and quiet

All the kids are in different stage of preparing for the school day, all in the same room

Linnea goes into labour midday Monday

Which leaves Alvar to fend for himself. It goes so-so… He’s both angry and sad, but at least he’s not hungry!

Martin is an A student! We need to celebrate

But first, a baby!

It’s a girl!! Sorry, Stella, you’re not the heir anymore, but we will arrange something special for you…
The new heir is called Maria and is born on Monday week 12 at 3.59 pm.


Our firstborn daughter Monika keeps Linnea company when she makes the cake

Martin waits to blow out his candles

He becomes a serial romantic with the Bro trait. A bookworm bro feels a bit unmatching

Talk about unmatching – green eyebrows, really?! Maria’s father cheers him on, maybe because his name is Martin too

Party, party!

Both Alvar and the housework is neglected. J68 starts to fear for this kid, it would be terrible if he got taken away!

Tuesday Frank is an A student and it’s time for another party

The big sisters cannot stay away from Maria. It was a long time since they had a baby sister! Could you please change her diaper when you’re at it?

Frank’s turn! His father Fredrik is very supportive

“Hey, where did you go?! You’re supposed to blow out the candles!”

“Okej, okej”

He grows up with an LTW to be Friend of the world and gets the outgoing trait. It would be a perfect young man if he weren’t a Kleptomaniac. Interesting hair!

While we’re at it, we grow up Maria too. She becomes a Clingy toddler. Yay…

She looks exactly like Alvar!

They could be twins!

Linnea still has feelings for Martin, Maria’s father, even though they hardly know each other

Linnea’s adult children often comes by to visit the family. Linnea is always happy see them

For being a child hater, Martin is pretty involved in Maria’s life.

WTF?! Mona is an elder! She was out first child to grow up and move out and she never had a family of her own, but that Linnea would outlive her like that, it’s crazy! 

Linnea still has seven days left before she’s an elder herself.

J68 gets a midlife crisis on Linnea’s behalf. While she’s painting another fantastic painting we ponder – what to do, what to do?!

Then we decide – since it’s Friday night, let’s do an After Work session and see if we can find one final baby daddy, then we’ll let Linnea retire from having babies. She starts with chatting up the bartender at the Velvet Salon. He’s nice enough, but a bit young.

Anyway, she even flirts with him a bit, but he seems shy. Mats Malm, Martin’s father joins her, so it becomes a bit awkward and Linnea leaves the bar.

Ooo, look at this one – it’s a real MAN! Sturdy built, flax blond and even an adult. A more suitable partner, and maybe we’ll get another girl with flax blond hair as an heir…?

He even agrees to come home with Linnea, but while there, it soon becomes awkward. Better take it slow with this one!

He still hangs around a gets to know Stella a little. Maybe he’s a better match for her? The decision we made is to keep Stella around when she’s a young adult. Since Linnea has a milestone in her “Big Happy Family” LTW to get a child married, Stella will be that one. When she’s married off and pregnant she will move out.

Maria and Alvar are playing nicely together with the doll house

But then it’s time for Alvar to grow up, due to age and not skills

Look at that, here’s the elderly Mona. Yikes, and we are planning another baby! Maybe we shouldn’t… But on the other hand, look at Olof, he’s too good to let go!

Alvar’s father Alexander is here for the occasion. It would be interesting to see him flirt with one of the daugters again, now when Linnea is through with him

But for now – cake!

Alvar grows up to be a Self-assured Whiz Kid

And Linnea gets to know Olof a little bit better.

And Stella gets to know Olof a little better and manages to reach a milestone in her Friend of the World LTW

When the party is over, Linnea invites Olof back to hang out. At the same time we see that our relationship with Martin, Maria’s father is terrible! Totally missed what happened, but it might be a combination of her breaking up with him and the fact that she made him be around too many kids

Olof is really difficult. First he’s tense

Then he’s flirty

But when she acts on that, he gets uncomfortable

But she persists and he doesn’t object. Maybe it’s the dirty dishes that make him uncomfortable

It gets very steamy indeed!

And Linnea is pregnant. This is the last one, we promise. The bathroom is filthy

Olof is thrilled by the news, though still uncomfortable. This house really needs some cleaning!

Beata comes by uninvited and spends time with Maria, so Linnea ceases the opportunity to do some cleaning

Stella who is a pretty handy sim fixes the broken fridge

Linnea gets invited to a date with Olof

They have a great time away from the filthy house

Back home, they have some dinner and Stella continues to fix stuff

Then we realize it’s time for Stella’s birthday, by age and not acheivement

Cake! And we see two things in this picture – Monika has become an elder too, and the family is more broke than usual

Stella grows up to be a goofball. That seems to be a dominant trait in this family.

As we said before, we will keep Stella here until she gets married. Johan, the bartender might be a potential husband.

And since there is no political career to start for an aspiring Friend of the World, Stella choses a career in business

And thereby we end this week. 85 babies to go.

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