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100 Baby Challenge - Week 11, Betrayal and Relocation

Last time, Beata grew up to adult and moved out. Magnus became a Party Animal teen, Frank became a toddler and then a Kleptomaniac child. Martin became an Artistic Prodigy child and Gunnar was born and became a silly toddler. We had a lot of angry children and the fathers fought!

Week 11 starts off with Linnea Nyberg who is an adult, her one (!) daughter and four sons. The kids are one teen, three children and one toddler. Linnea is not pregnant, but has a half love interest in the librarian Alexander.

Our kids are really well behaved and have fun together. Frank and Stella autonomously take a photo together.

Linnea reads a story to all the children

Then she heads out to a night club and meets her daughter Thea there.

They dance and talk, but Linnea wishes for Alexander

Linnea even tries her luck by the microphone, but the ghosts seem not to be amused.

Linnea invites Alexander on a proper date to her house. Think we never did a scored date before!

It’s a bit hard to date Alexander, he thinks it’s an awkward encounter, despite them both being flirty. They both become embarrassed. Maybe it’s because Gunnar watches them and they are sitting in the kids’ bedroom

It’s better outside under the stars.

Aaand score! And a gold date

Of course she’s pregnant. It never happened that she didn’t get pregnant on the first try. Maybe that’s the effect of the fertility treatment?

Magnus cooked breakfast for the school kids

When they’re off, Gustav, Gunnar’s father invites Linnea to his birthday party

There is still a little spark between them

But mostly she’s happy to see Björg and Stina

Back home, Stella is an A student

She’s happy to welcome Thea to her party

Since she’s our current heir, Linnea bakes her a fancy cake

She blows out the candles vigorously

She grows up to be Romantic and with an LTW to be Friend of the World. If she really will become heir, those are perfect traits!

Alexander must have flirted with one of the daughters – Linnea is very sad due to jealousy. It’s terrible! And she’s expecting his child!

What a dick! He’s feeling romantic when he leaves the party, while she’s very very sad

Frank stole something while at school! He’s a kleptomaniac as you might remember

Linnea is still very sad, and she invites Alexander over to tell him off

He’s very tense. That is not more than right!

“How could you?!”

“She’s my daughter, godamnit!” (Even if j68 doesn’t know which one)

“I’m through with you!”

Despite him being told off, Alexander hangs around, doing some cleaning

But Linnea cries it out

Then we’re finally back to normal. Linnea is of a cheerful disposition after all, and gets happy and inspired by cooking.

Then she spends time with Gunnar, teaching him animals from cards.

The other kids are doing their thing.

Fredrik calls Frank and asks to come over. It happens quite often. “Sure, you’re my dad, so why not?”

Wow! Fredrik walks in the door, and BANG plants a passionate kiss on Linnea, all autonomously! It didn’t make them fall in love though, but j68 was SO surprised, have never seen that happen before!

Then it’s time for the baby. It’s ANOTHER boy, so Stella is still the heir. He gets the name Alvar since his dirtbag of a father is called Alexander. He’s born on Thursday week 11 at 7.01 am.

Then the problems start. Stella gets stuck in the position where she is now. Resetting her doesn’t work. Moving furniture doesn’t work. Deleting her does certainly not work. In sims 2 you could do that with moveobjects, and that would hard reset the sim, but not this time, since you cannot do that in Sims 4 it seems.

While contemplating what to do, we see that Martin is angry due to an unwanted sibling!

Finally we decide to move and hope that will solve this issue. After all, we’ve been in this small house for over 70 days, and there might be even worse glitches if we stay. Plus that Stella is stuck, so we really cannot stay.
So, a new unfurnished house is bought in Oasis Springs, and a new era will start.

The house is called “the cactus shack” and has four bedrooms and three baths according to the descrption. The lot traits homely, jovial and natural light are chosen.

Gunnar is happy in the new playroom

The family trees don’t fit on one screen anymore!

None of the two youngest boys have any relatives on their fathers’ sides.

Stella chats with Mats, Martin’s father. He hasn’t fought with or offended anyone this week.

This house is so big so there are hardly ever two sims in the same room

Linnea has an atrium inside the house where she put her easel. There she is indoors but outdoors at the same time

The size of the house also was the reason we missed who broke the dollhouse, but Stella fixes it.

Then it’s time for homework. Look, one of the brothers!

Friday, Linnea invites an acquaintance over. Probably she greeted him at the gym, think we saw him there in the periphery somewhere. His name is Martin Nilsson and he’s our next baby daddy.

He doesn’t seem to object.

Look at that relationship panel – they barely know each other, but the romance bar is constantly increasing. Is this passion?

Romance bar is at a third, and the option Try for baby is already there


Yes, she’s pregnant. The romance bar with Martin passed half full

Then Linnea finds out that Martin hates children. Oops! Well, good for him then that he’s not expected to hang around!

Yay, Gunnar is trained and ready to grow up!

But first, we sell off the latest masterpiece

In her new kitchen, Linnea puts her cooking skills to good use.

Then she welcomes the guests. Thea is particularly happy to see her mother

Beata ruins the dollhouse! Gunnar is very sad

But then it’s time for the cake. It’s a bit dark in here, think we need to buy some more lights

He becomes a Loner with a wish to be a Social Butterfly. A bit contradictory, no?

Alvar also grows up. He becomes a Charmer, and look, brown hair! Out of 14 kids he’s the only one with brown hair

Since Stella is the current heir, we favourize her a little and let her go out Saturday night with Maria, a girl she met in school. Maybe we can find next generation’s baby daddies.

Ooo, a candidate!

They call him over for a chat

She also spends time with a whole bunch of other sims, but everyone is not nice.

She does like Emil, though, and she has had the opportunity to introduce herself to 7 sims. A successful night!

Sunday it’s time for Magnus to grow up due to age, not skill

He gets the trait Clumsy to add to genius and squeamish

Since the spare house is full, he is moved out to live with his father Mats.

And we end this eventful week with toddler care. Linnea is dead bored and dead tired. 86 babies to go.


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