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100 Baby Challenge - Week 10, The Boys take Over

Last time, we had both fire and fighting in the house. Björg and Thea grew up and moved out. Beata became a bro teenager, Stella became a whiz kid child, Martin and Frank were born.

Week 10 starts off with Linnea Nyberg who is an adult, her two daughters and three (!) sons. The kids are one teen, two children, one toddler and one baby. Linnea is not pregnant, but has a half love interest in her PT Gustav.

Magnus and Stella spend a lot of time together, they are getting very close

Linnea invites Gustav over. Just look at his shoulder width, he completely fills his square!

Linnea moves fast

And she’s pregnant!

Just in time for Frank’s growing up to an independent toddler. The best thing with that trait is that they can use the potty themselves from the beginning.

Beata still thinks washing up is disgusting, but she’s an A student and can be grown up and moved out!

Magnus is an A student too! Time for a party!

Beata goes first. Her father Bengt, the dark guy, is still not an elder

She acquires the trait Art Lover

Magnus's turn!

He becomes a Squeamish Party Animal

And he looks like Art Garfunkel

Linnea takes the opportunity to talk to Stina a little bit.

Beata is moved out to live with her sisters and brother. The spare house is now full. Imagine that, eight of our kids are all grown up!

Martin has a good relationship with his father Mats

Just look at Magnus, his eyes are so blue. I think he’s the only kid with blue eyes

The redheads have a congregation. Frank is our first boy without red hair.

Martin is pretty close to be aged up, just the Imagination and Potty that need to reach 3.

Frank has just started

Stella is a Whiz kid and needs to read with an adult for two hours to get to the next level. It’s becoming easier to have time for things like that, with only four kids in the house, and both Martin and Frank are independent toddlers.

Mother and daughter even have time to sit and chat over homework

Gustav hangs around a lot, him and Linnea are still in a relationship, at least until the baby is born.

Yay, Martin!


Daddy Mats is here


He becomes an Artistic Prodigy and a Bookworm. A serious young man!

What a party, all our kids are here, and the surviving dads too!

Martin for some reason doesn’t have to go to school on Wednesday, so he starts production of drawings.

Martin is inspired and wants to talk to Stella, but she’s not so interested

She’s angry about something that happened in school

OMG, what an evil eye! Maybe she’s angry because she had to go to school while Martin stayed at home and drew pictures all day

Frank is angry too, but its just toddler behavior

There’s nothing wrong with his needs, he’s just bad tempered

Maybe his father can cheer him up

Many of the fathers have died by now, and now even Travis! It’s too sad!

Gustav comes over unexpectedly and Linnea throws herself at him and thinks about engagement. No, dear, I’m sorry. Maybe when you’re an elder

It’s better to end this here and ask him to be only friends. When does that baby come anyway?

Sorry guys!

Dancing! But Gustav is not happy.

He starts a fight with Mats, Martin’s father. Or was it the opposite way around? Mats was fighting one of the other fathers last time

Finally the labour starts!

It’s ANOTHER boy! What has happened to my game?! And why does Linnea never get twins anymore, despite the fertility treatment?
Anyway, the boy’s name is Gunnar and he’s born on Thursday week 10 at 7.33 pm

With now three younger brothers, we start to wonder – are we looking at our heir here?

Linnea has a terrific relationship with all her children. Stina comes by to congratulate to the new baby

Martin the skinny kid is hungry. You better take something to eat, or your legs might break off if they get any skinnier!

Frank works hard on his skills together with his father.

Linnea’s oldest daughters are now adults. She meets Mona at the library to catch up

But she’s really here to find a new man. She meets Hans, who is a mean sim, and Alexander, the librarian

Mona talks about divorce, but as far as we know she has never been married. It seems that there is no story progression other than ageing in our spare household

Then the library glitches out and all sims become invisible. Just look at the floating books! Linnea takes a nap before heading home.

Back home the education of Frank continues.

He’s happy since he manages on his own.

It’s a calm Saturday

Magnus does his homework with the help of his father Mats. They look so much alike!

Frank has made it!


Zombie cake!

He becomes a social Butterfly Kleptomaniac. Interesting…

Magnus is angry after an unpleasant conversation. I think it was Mats Malm again, Martin’s father, the fighter.

Gunnar grows up before the party is over. He gets the angel hair and the silly trait.

He doesn’t look the slightest like his father.

Gustav reads Gunnar a bedtime story

And Stella eats some leftover cake when all the guests have left.

Then she does her homework

Martin continues his artistic endeavours

And we leave off with Linnea and Alexander the librarian getting to know each other properly. 87 babies to go!

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