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100 Baby Challenge - Week 9, Fire and Fighting

Last time, we tried to get to know our sims a little. Björg grew up to a short-haired Angler teen. Staffan and Stina grew up to young adults and moved in with their sisters. Stella was born and grew up to an Angelic toddler. Magnus became a Social Butterfly child.

Week 9 starts off with Linnea Nyberg who is an adult, her four daughters and one son. The kids are two teens, two children and one toddler. Linnea is pregnant by Mats Malm and expects her eleventh (or more) child(ren).

Magnus is a genius and likes to play chess

He also likes to talk with his little sister Stella

Thea loves the outdoors so we’re trying some gardening with her. She plants seeds of flowers she picked earlier.

Magnus picks a frog

Linnea is very pregnant and very inspired and paints a picture on Monday morning when she’s home alone with Stella.

Then she invites Mats over and tells him about the baby. He’s thrilled!

Björg and Beata both come home with A grades and it’s time for a birthday party.

Thea is actually older than Björg, but has to see herself passed by her studious little sister. She arranges the party.

Everybody is here!

Björg becomes childish like her father Björn

We realize that it’s actually time for Thea to grow up anyway, due to age

So we let her blow out some candles too

She becomes non-committal and will not be able to hold on to either jobs or relationships

Beata’s turn to blow out the candles

She becomes a bro sim, whatever that will mean, with an LTW to become a comedy star

And we get a portrait of Beata and the leaf frog that Magnus collected.

She gets a guitar and starts to play. Maybe that’s a good thing for a bro?

What a birthday! This is the fourth event during the same night!

A boy is born on Monday week 9 at 10.13 pm. He gets the name Martin, since his father's name is Mats.

Björg and Thea are moved out to live with their siblings, and Linnea has only four kids in the house

Still she cannot keep up with the housework. Luckily toddlers don’t care. Stella works on her skills.

Linnea is terribly bored and asks Travis to meet her downtown

They hit the gym, and look, three of our grown-up daughters are here – Trine, Monika and Thea

Look at them, all grown up! Trine is Travis's daughter

Look, a man! His name is Fredrik

A bit of chatting before we head home. Travis gets involved too.

Back home, Beata fails miserably when cooking and we have our first(?) fire!

Oddly enough it’s inspires her

And she hits the guitar

The now very small family gathers in the kids bedroom, or rather the dormitory

The tension after the fire lingers for quite a while. Beata tries to comfort Magnus.

Linnea invites Fredrik over to relieve her own tension.

Stella is so cute, playing imagination games with herself

Linnea is pregnant and excited to tell the father-to-be. He’s relaxed about it.

Time for reading a book!

Then Stella checks out her baby brother, who’s about to grow up.

He grows up to be independent, and to look exactly as Magnus did.

Once again we have two toddlers side by side on the sofa

Toddler training continues

Back from school, Beata practices her guitar skill

Then she does her homework together with Magnus and they sit on the toddler beds. It feels like a small family nowadays with only four kids in the house.

Linnea is determined to teach Stella all her skills so that she can be aged.

Beata helps out with the housework even though she hates it. She’s squeamish and spoiled food is just so gross!

Yay! Educated enough!

Party time!

Linnea cooks salmon for the party

And daddy Stefan helps Stella with the candles

She becomes a perfectionistic whiz kid

It’s a fantastic party and everybody enjoys Beata’s guitar playing. She’s actually getting pretty good.

Daddy Mats plays with Martin

Linnea paints another masterpiece

Magnus the genius and Stella the whiz kid plays chess together. Stella has that cute bob haircut that Mona and Monika had

Labour has started!

Stella and Magnus are becoming good friends and hang out a lot.

Labour takes forever as usual and Linnea passes the hours with the help of cooking.

Finally it’s time

It’s another boy! He is born at 3.43 pm on Saturday week 9 and gets the name Frank.

Magnus is sad to have another brother

But Linnea is happy and paints another masterpiece, looking like the other one

Beata looks like she’s up for some mischief

But instead she makes some icecream

This is a first! A fight is breaking out in the kitchen! It’s Martin’s father Mats Malm, who fights and wins over Bengt Åberg, Beata’s father.

Martin is in a terrible mood and needs both food and sleep.

Then storytime for the big kids

And Stella tells it to Frank

Frank has a grandmother. Most of our younger kids have that nowadays.

Stella, don’t eat that, it’s  gone bad!

Linnea invites Fredrik out to the gym where they first met

She explains that they are over and that they can only be friends from now on.

It’s time for man hunting again. Gustav Lindström is a PT at the gym. Thea is here again. Does she ever do anything else than work out?

Linnea spends some time with Thea

“Yeah, you know, with a baby in the house it’s nice to leave the house now and again”

She even does a bit of workout before heading home.

She plays a game of chess with Stella

And cooks some dinner

The kids are angels and Martin’s father Mats makes himself at home, watching TV in his PJs

But Linnea has other plans and invites the PT Gustav over.

She becomes very energized in his company

And he becomes flirty in hers, but nothing happens between them this time.

And we end this update with Beata, practicing her comedy skills on Magnus. 88 babies to go!

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