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Lost on Lake Victoria - Part 4


Nope. No luck today either. If Sun would have been here, there would have been an opening for her, but not now.


Wow! The first tomatoes are finally ready! It has taken a full week for them. I really hope they’re good.

“I remember, back home, that there used to be snow, and we went out ice fishing.” Locke is fishing with “the extras” Donny and Boris, and gains a Silver Badge!

Since there is not very much else to do on the island, the guys are fishing all the time, spending manly quality time together. Charlie has been fishing so much that he aquired a silver badge in fishing, and a maximized interest in Nature.


Day 8 – Monday

Monday 6AM, Time for a rescue. Hurley is leading the party that is taking Kate back from the Others.

“Hurley! My hero!”
“Kate! I’m so glad you’re back!”

At last! The Adventurer job is coming up, so Locke and Kate are getting jobs.

And Hurley and Kate, now platinum, had a fantastic welcome-back-date.


Day 9 – Tuesday



The Others are coming back on Tuesday morning. This time they take Charlie. He has had a hard time on the island.

“This has been a horrible week” Charlie says, just before leaving.


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