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100 Baby Challenge - Week 8, Out and About

Last time, Thea grew up to an outdoorsy teen, Magnus was born and grew up into an Angelic toddler, Linnea finally grew up to adult, Beata grew up to be a Social Butterfly child, and Linnea got pregnant again. We nearly starved Björg to death.

Week 8 starts off with Linnea Nyberg who is finally an adult, her four daughters and TWO sons. The kids are three teens, two children and one toddler. Linnea is pregnant by Stefan Sjögren and expects her tenth child.

We have started to think that we’re just popping out children and not getting to know them properly, so we’ll try to focus a little bit on letting our readers see more of them. Beata gets a big hug from her mother who just finalized another painting.

Wow, our darling Travis has become an elder! Linnea has always had a good relationship with him. Now they haven’t really talked for a while, so it’s time to mend it and she invited him over.

But first she maxes her painting skill.

Magnus is sugar loaded and works on his skills.

Our studious little Björg comes home with A grades and we can grow her up!

Her father Björn, who is an elder too is invited along with all the sisters and other fathers

Her everyday dress should have been more fitting as party wear than what she’s wearing now!

She grows up to be an Angler Bro. Don’t know what that will mean to  her.

She’s cute, although with a bit of a long nose. She decides to go for a short haircut instead of the braids.

It’s a great party with all the relatives attending

Mats stays behind to help teaching his son Magnus his thinking skills.

Linnea gets invited to Bengt, Beata’s father for his birthday. While there he’s nowhere to be found, but Linnea ceases the opportunity to use his fantastic kitchen and increases her gourmet cooking skill thanks to a fantastic cheesecake!

Wonder if cheesecake induces twins as it did in Sims 2? We’ll know soon!

Our daughter Trine is here too, nice to see her at least!

Back home it’s Staffan’s birthday, by age, not achievement.

His adult trait becomes Goofball, like his mother’s.

He looks the same and is moved out to live with his three older sisters.

The three youngest kids are cramming themselves into the smallest passage in the house

They won’t be the youngest for much longer, since it’s time for another birth!

It’s another girl of course, and we name her Stella since her father’s name is Stefan. She’s born on Thursday week 8, 2 am sharp. No cheescake effect in Sims 4 it seems. The mother of 10 is in a terrible mood.

After resting up a bit, Linnea heads on over to her oldest kids’ house. It’s the first time we’re visiting!

It’s a bit shabby on the outside, it’s emergency built from a couple of pre-made rooms.

On the inside the kitchen is nice, but Monika finds it very inappropriate that their mother tries to cook for them.

The incident is soon forgotten, and they all have a nice dinner standing up, since there's no dining room.

When Linnea heads home it’s time for Stina’s birthday, by age and not achievement

Her former twin Staffan is here to celebrate, but their father Stefan has passed away.

The babies’ fathers are here though, Stefan to the left with dyed hair and Mats on the right in the hat.

She grows up to be even more unsympathetic than before. She’s now an Ambitious, Mean Goofball of an artist extra-ordinaire. Big ego, no?

Staffan likes her though. But answer me this: Why doesn’t chess count towards “Play a game with the birthday sim”?

After the party Stina too is moved out to live with her siblings. We will soon need another spare house for all our offspring. Another question: Will the outsourced kids continue to age and live their own lives or are they in limbo developmentwise?

Friday starts with teaching Magnus some animals

And ending our romance with Stefan.

The plan was to go manhunting at the gym, but Linnea ends up falling asleep on a bench outsde.

When she wakes up she meets a nice young man named Mats.

The cloudgazing goes swimmingly

It’s not hard at all to get him to come home with Linnea

Young men are so easy!

And dirty it seems. However, it worked, and now Linnea is pregnant again. Yay!

Meanwhile, the other Mats in our lives is here, taking good care of his son Magnus.

By the way, we haven’t shown you Stella’s family tree. Her father’s name is Stefan Sjögren and she’s got, or at least had, a grandmother too, like a few other of our kids.

And she grows up to be an angelic toddler just like her brother Magnus. J68 doesn’t mind to have two angelic toddlers at the same time, it sounds rather nice actually!

She sure looks like an angel with her big rye blond hair and cute blue dress!

Magnus acts like an angel when he talks to his blocks quietly while the others sleep. We’re working hard on his skills to maybe be able to grow him up a little bit early.

Stella just started her education

And the two interact with each other. Too cute!

A party for Magnus is arranged. He will grow up both due to age, but he also managed his skills!

Magnus’ father Mats helps him with the cake

He becomes a Genius Social butterfly and goes straight to bed so we can’t see him yet.

Linnea mixes drinks for the guests, and we see a spark between our daugterh Mona and Stefan Sjögren, Stella’s father!

The next morning we see a sneak pre-view of Magnus in his striped sweater

Linnea teaches Stella to talk

Then we realize we have aspiration points to buy stuff with and we start with Fertile. Will it kick in already on this pregnancy?
And we choose Curator (?), which will give us more money for items we manufacture. Hope it works for paintings.

At least this one is a master piece, and there we leave off for this week. 90 babies to go!

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