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100 Baby Challenge - Week 7, Finally Adult

Last time, we had many birthdays. Trine grew up to adult and moved out. Beata was born. Staffan and Stina grew up to teens. Björg became a child and Beata a toddler.

Week 7 starts off with Linnea Nyberg who is STILL a young adult, her four daughters and only son. The kids are two teens, two children and one toddler. Linnea is pregnant by Mats Svensson and expects her ninth child.

It seems Linnea is finally entering the adult stage of life soon. I really wonder how many kids she will have to pop out until she’s an elder.

As an illustration we give you a picture of Beata’s family tree. She’s got a grandmother! And why are the kids shown in random order under the mother?
Anyway, Linnea so far has eight kids by six fathers and is in her seventh pregnancy. With that rate, we forecast about six-seven more pregnancies, adding up to an expected amount of kids around 15.

You can get tired from less!

Now Linnea is 1 day from aging, and yesterday it was zero! My guess is that she cannot age while pregnant so the game jumps back and forth day by day

We need to do something about this family’s sleeping patterns. The kids are totally exhausted when they come from school. Regardless, Thea is an A student and we’ll have a party!

All the sisters and fathers are invited. Hope that the residual romance with Bengt will not interfere with the big romance Linnea has with the baby’s father Mats. Stefan is the next in line according to our plans (another one than the Stefan who is Staffan and Stina’s father).

Thea blows out her candles

She grows up to be an outdoor enthusiast with the trait Good. She will be a nice easy-going girl we believe, already being a goofball J

She looks a lot like Linnea.

Linnea suddenly wishes for an icecream machine, and why not? Let’s pretend it’s Thea’s birthday present.

When preparing a batch of icecream, Linnea’s labour starts!

It continues into the night. Amazing that the kids continue to sleep!

Even more amazing, it’s a boy!

He is born at 1.40 am on Thursday week 7 and gets the name Magnus, since his father’s name is Mats. Wow, congratulations Staffan, you have a brother!

Then a brief moment of calm family life

Finally it’s Linnea’s birthday!

She’s very inspired, which we will make good use of

But first it’s Beata’s birthday too, by age, but she also acquired level 3 in all skills. As I mentioned before, there’s just enough time in the toddler stage to do that, so very difficult to be able to age them up early.

She’s very angry, but her father Bengt is unfazed. He’s used to her


She becomes a Squeamish Social Butterfly

Bengt: “My dear child, I think you need to work on your attitude if you want to be a Social Butterfly”

Then it’s Magnus’ turn to grow up. He becomes an Angelic toddler

And he’s got a very big red hair! Both our sons are redheads - random fact.

Magnus' father is Mats. Here’s where the red hair comes from. Linnea invites him over to end things with him. But first a photo. It’s a pity you can’t see the photos, it would have been fun. Trine passes by her mother’s house

Stefan is invited too, to start the next chapter

Despite being very tired, some star gazing is pursued.

OMG! Björg seems to be stuck in some way and just sits on her bedside being miserable. Emergency mending is in order, forget romance!

The next day, after Björg and the others' needs are taken care of, Linnea continues her pursuit

It’s quite easy to convince Stefan to try for a baby. I hope the next generation will be Romantic too, I think that help a lot with this challenge.

Yes, pregnant!

Stefan is less than amused. Awkward silence ensues.

And we end this week as we did last, pregnant. As a last note we give you Magnus’ family tree. He’s got a grandmother too, just like Beata. Sorry, Thea that I named you Stina, we've got too many daughters! 91 babies to go.

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