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100 Baby Challenge - Week 6, Another Daughter

Last time, Mona and Monika grew up to young adults and moved out. Stina, Staffan and Thea grew up to children. Linnea got pregnant twice and gave birth to Björg who grew up to toddler. We had way too many monsters under our beds.

Week 6 starts off with Linnea Nyberg who is STILL a young adult, her four daughters and only son. The kids are one teen, three children and one toddler. Linnea is pregnant by Bengt Åberg and expects her eigth child..

Linnea has problems to keep her fun up, so she goes out to the bar, despite being pregnant. Vi must also keep up the manhunting for the next baby.

Back home Trine is an A student and a party is arranged!

The sisters are of course invited, and Mona is as skinny as ever. Trine is of a more sturdy kind.

Trine makes her own cake. It’s not very beautiful, but it works. Her father Travis is of course here.

She grows up to be a Goofball like her mother and is moved out to live with her sisters.

We have realized that we have read the rules wrong regarding toddlers – they need all skills at level 3 to be grown up in advance, it's not enough with one skill at level 5 as we thought. Linnea teaches Björg, but we realize that we will probably never grow up a toddler early again, there’s just not enough time to teach them everything before they grow up naturally.

Staffan is an A student but he’s exhausted!

We don’t have time to celebrate him anyway, since a baby is coming!

On Wednesday week 6 we have another girl who gets the name Beata, since her father’s name is Bengt.

Then it’s monster spraying time again. Way too many monsters!

Finally time for cake!

Staffan grows up to be a Squeamish Angler. I really don’t think that’s a good combination!

Linnea makes use of her inspired mood to paint, even though the next prospective baby daddy Mats is here.

It pays off, because it’s another master piece.

Toddler failure! Björg falls asleep in her chair

Damn monsters!

“Come on, girls, there are no monsters!”

Time to work on Mats. He’s angry for some reason. Maybe because he gets too little attention. Or because he’s hot-headed.

Stina, who was born as twin to Staffan is now an A student too, and she spends some time with her baby sister. She’s so cute!

Staffan arranges the party

She blows out the candles on her strawberry cake

She grows up to wish to be a Painter Extraordinaire, but she’s also mean. She even looks like a mean girl! Monika doesn’t like what she sees.

And immediately there’s bad blood between the sisters.

It’s also Beata’s birthday. She grows up to be an Inquisitive toddler.

She looks a lot like Stina did as a toddler, but with Linnea’s light brown eyes.

Then we have a dance party

Linnea cooks gourmet meals and paints master pieces

We also start off Stina’s career as a master painter.

Staffan is sent fishing, but he instead surfs on his phone. Typical lazy sim!

It’s Björg’s birthday! By age, not by skills.

Her father Björn is here to celebrate

She grows up to be an Artistic Prodigy who loves the outdoors, and she’s got cute braids.

Mats gets some attention

Björg tries to talk to the monster under the bed, but it doesn’t work

Stina has to spray it. She’s nice to her younger sisters at least.

Björg has her activity table outdoors and shows her father Björn her latest drawing.

Linnea makes a serious move on Mats

We find out that he’s hot-headed, self-assured and clumsy.

The move works very well

And we’re pregnant!

There we leave off with a very happy Linnea, trying to make the very angry Beata a little happier too. 92 babies to go!

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