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100 Baby Challenge - Week 5, Monster Challenge

Last time we had an eventful week. Mona, Monika and finally Trine grew up to teens. Linnea got pregnant twice and gave birth to first twins Stina and Staffan, fathered by Stefan Blomqvist, and later Thea, fathered by Thomas Nilsson. All the babies became toddlers. One wild, one charming and one angelic.

Week 5 starts with Linnea Nyberg, young adult and her five daughters Mona, Monika, Trine, Stina

Linnea works hard on her next baby daddy Björn Falk

Yes, pregnant!

Stina, the wild one works on her Motion skill

Thea, the angelic one works on her Fantasy skill

And Staffan the charmer works on Thinking. When they reach level 5 we are allowed to age them up!

Linnea paints her first masterpiece and gets the question if she really wants to sell it to a gallery. Yes of course! Gimme the money! No notes on the amount of money received, but it was converted into needed furniture. And a computer!

The little angel spreads her love

The older twins work hard on their skills. I love that wrestling interaction they can do with an adult!

Stina masters her Motion skill and is ready to grow up!
Fraps missed it, but Staffan also mastered his Thinking skill, so he’s ready to grow up too!


The party starts alright, but it’s really hard to get the birthday kids to the cake. Time goes and goes…

Finally in the last minute Stefan manages to get Stina to th cake. Quite forcefully it seems!

She grows up to be a Goofball Social Butterfly.

Staffan blows out the candles with even less time to spare

And he’s a Lazy Artistic Prodigy

Mona fixes stuff

The skinny legged twins realize there are monsters under their beds. Their legs are skinnier than Mona’s ever were! Wonder what they will look like whne they grow up

Linnea is stressed since the family funds are really running low. The latest baby daddy Björn is delighted he will have a baby! If the baby is a boy (as if!) he will be named Bjarne. If it’s a girl it will be Björg. Feels like a Norwegian theme. What we’ll do if it’s two girls we don’t know, don’t know more girls names starting with BJ.

It’s time to end the romance with Björn, but we can still be friends. Or not, Björn is very upset.

We get a lot of pop-ups with happenings in school where we are asked to choose a way to handle the situation. First Stina is annoyed with a boy who disturbs the headmaster’s visit in the classroom. She asks him to stop and he gets in trouble with the teacher. That worked!

Trine gets bullied because of her good grades. She chooses to ignore them and soon they move on That worked too!

Mona decides to go all in in a presentation of a project in class. Her grades get better but the classmates are angry because she makes them look bad. So what, you go girl!

Even if Björn is sad after the break-up he stays around and help Linnea with the housekeeping. Thanks!

Mona comes home exhausted, but she’s an A student! That means we’re allowed to grow her up! Oh my, time flies

She arranges a party for herself

As usual it takes a few cakes before it’s possible to put candles on it. We have since then learned that it matters where on the counter you put the cake if it will work or not and that the cake itself doesn’t matter.

So Mona grows up to young adult and becomes Family-oriented. Her family will probably be pranked all the time since she wants to be a Chief of Mischief.
She’s not moved out because we cannot figure out how to do it.

The twins are constantly complaining over monsters under the beds. Someone has to spray them at least once a day, usually more. It keeps everybody awake all night, so their sleep deprivation is terrible.

Sometimes we do have a nice calm moment, like now when Thea works on her Fantasy skill and the twins are doing their homework. Thea’s father Thomas is cleaning up.

Thursday mid-day the labour starts. We finally figured out how to move out Mona, it was really complicated, had to find a tutorial online, since the help texts in the game doesn’t include such instructions.

Linnea has had time both to cook and clean while waiting for the birth

At 15.48 on Thursday week 5 a little girl is born and she gets the name Björg. Luckily it was only one!

Björn is single, so Björg does not have any half-siblings on her father’s side.

Next baby daddy - Bengt Åberg

She works on him for a while, but just preparatory works.

Then it’s time to sell another masterpiece.

Friday Monika comes home with A grades. Yay, time to grow up!

She arranges a party for herself and invites her father Mortimer, her sister Mona and her brother (!) Alexander. And of course Thea’ s father Thomas. He’s always here anyway

Then she tries to figure out how to cook a cake

Eventually she succeeds and makes a wish before she blows out the candles

She grows up to be creative, which we thought she already was. Her teen and adult traits were apparently mixed up.

We want to grow up Thea too, so she’s pushed into all sorts of Fantasy activities

Reading books is good. And cute.

And while the party is still going on she maxes her fantasy skill by painting with the llama.

But before growing up Thea we move Monika out to live with Mona. It’s easier to move one sim to another existing household than starting a new one.

Trine should be able to have A grades but she lacks skills. Therefor she will concentrate on computer games during the weekend to hopefully grow up early next week. Great that computer games is a skill!

Now time for Thea’s party. All the daddies are invited

And the sisters of course!

Daddy Thomas takes her to the cake

She grows up to be a Goofball and a Rambunctious Scamp

But right now she’s mostly sad

It’s also time for Björg to grow up. She becomes a Charmer

She has her daddy’s flax blond hair, and he’s here to get to know her.

For Linnea it’s time to work on Bengt

He’s willing enough

But Trine is horrified. I never saw that reaction before!

And we’re pregnant as Linnea tells Bengt when he’s dealing with the washing up. 93 babies to go!

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