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100 Baby Challenge - Week 4, Catching Up

Last time we had problems to get a baby daddy but finally Linnea got pregnant. Trine grew up to child.

Week 4 starts with Linnea Nyberg, young adult and her three daughters Monika, Mona and Trine who are all children.
is pregnant with SLinnea tefan Blomqvist and is ready to give birth at any time.

Mona is an A student! That means we are allowed to grow her up. What about the others?

Monika has a B

Trine has a C. Well, she’s the youngest

So a party is arranged and the twins Mona and Monika will be separated for life. It cannot be helped, we need a teen!

By cooking a cake Linnea reaches level 8 in cooking
Fraps didn’t want to work and we missed a final glance at a child Mona

She rolls an LTW to become Chief of Mischief which makes her automatically evil or mean – not sure which. She also rolls a new trait of being a Glutton

Well, she can use some meat on her bones, she’s very slim indeed!

On the other hand, her father Mortimer is very slim too, so I guess she takes after him.

Her mother is not so slim. We’re waiting for the baby! And Linnea is also working on Thomas, the next donor.

Mona seems to easily get focused and we use it to let her be the handyman of the house. We will save loads of money by not having to call a repair technician all the time.

Monday at 9pm labour starts

Mortimer freaks out, but Linnea stays calm, though uncomfortable

It’s a girl and a BOY! They are born on Tuesday week 4 at 00.19 am. It has been a long time since we had a baby in this house, and now we have two!

Mona wakes up from all the racket and takes the opportunity to spray Monika’s monster.

The big sisters welcome the babies

While the girls are in school, Linnea works on Thomas

Yay, pregnant!

Monika comes home exhausted, but with A grades!

Mona arranges a small party and invites a boy from school as a guest

She’s very tense but she makes her sister a cake

She finds some time to look at Hans’ phone

Monika blows out the candles

She grows up with an LTW to have a Successful Lineage, which makes her a housekeeper, and she also acquires the trait Romantic. If she didn’t already have younger sisters she would be the perfect heir.

The identical twins look is gone and we will have no problems to tell Mona and Monika apart anymore

Monika seems to also have a different body type than Mona. Definitely more curves if not as many as Linnea has.

Too bad we missed Monika in this picture. The family is very cute sometimes. I like that the children can talk to the babies!

It’s time to make some money. Mona accepts a job as manual labour and starts out as a garden designer.

She sprays Trine’s monster and explains that it is gone now.

Trine is not convinced, so Monika has to do it again

Not sure what Linnea is upset about, but for once she lets us see her light brown eyes.

The now old baby father pays his first visit and freaks out. He’s got another family at home!

Stina grows up to be a Wild toddler. That will be fun…!

It’s hard to tell who she looks like, but she’s got Linnea’s hair for sure!

Then it’s Staffan’s turn. He grows up to a Charmer. It can be needed when the other kid is a whirlwind!

He definitely has his father’s hair!

Toddler rearing ensues, and the housekeeping falls behind. Where are our big girls?!

Friday afternoon the labour starts, but Linnea knows by now that it will take a while and reads a book.

Baby number 6 is another girl who gets the name Thea. She is born on Friday week 4 at 17.36.

She has a really dark skin colour. Is Thomas really that dark?

Mona and Monika are both stressed out, but they help Linnea out with cooking and taking care of the babies.

And Stefan is here taking care of his hotheaded little whirlwind

Saturday evening Linnea heads out to the museum to finish the painting that she started on day 1. She hasn’t been here since then

While there she meets the guy who was in the bar way back in week 2 or so – Björn Falk. This might be our next daddy!

They spend some time stargazing and getting to know each other

And they head home to tuck in the kids.

By coincident we suddenly realize that Trine is an A student. How long has she been that?! Hurry, make a cake!

Mona: Yeah, yeah, just let me finish cleaning


Long time no see Dad! Travis is still young

But the other three fathers are turning grey.

Happy birthday Trine!

She grows up to be a Party Animal which makes her automatically charismatic. She also rolls Romantic. This will for sure be a party girl!

A rebel party girl!

Linnea parties on with her current four daddies and the intended next.

We have earlier seen Mona and Monika’s family tree and now we present Stina and Staffan’s. They have one halfsister and one halfbrother, Sofia and Fredrik. Their mother is Agneta, Stefan’s wife.
Trine doesn’t have half siblings or step mother, Travis is still single.

Thea has one halfsister and one halfbrother, Maria and Stefan. Their mother is Thomas’s wife Anette.

Thea grows up to be Angelic, which can be very handy now when we have three toddlers on our hands.

She looks like a clone of Linnea!

And as a last note we can inform you that Trine accepts an extra job as a babysitter. If anyone wonders what Monika does to contribute to the family funds, she paints, but apparently always off camera. 94 babies to go!

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