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100 Baby Challenge - Week 3, No Babies

Last time, Trine was born and we had problems finding a new baby daddy. Monika and Mona grew up to children and Trine to toddler.

Week 3 starts with Linnea Nyberg, young adult and her three daughters, Monika and Mona who are children and Trine who is a toddler.

Mona and Monika find that there is a monster under the bed. A real one! The crib stands tauntingly empty in the corner, waiting for a baby that seems never to come.

There’s not so much to do about that, but monsters can be sprayed.

The girls take a late dinner in Linnea’s bedroom to wait out the effect of the spray.

Stefan is often here and is getting along fine with the kids

It’s time to make a move. But as soon as Stefan accepts the rose he heads off.

Family life ensues. Washing up the dishes, doing homework and Travis teaching Trine to dance.

And we have our first fire. Linnea doesn't panic.

Tuesday evening Stefan is back and we have a sliver on the romance bar. Regardless of that he doesn’t accept compliments, so Linnea gives up and goes to bed.

Stefan stays behind and starts a painting for us. Very good, we don’t have so much time to paint.

And Travis cleans. We have sold off the kitchen table to be able to buy an outdoor dust bin. That’s how we live our lives.

Linnea and the big girls do some cleaning too, and the radio has broken down.

Linnea is in a terrible mood, but has met a guy named Thomas Nilsson who is flirty it seems.

We can see that the romance bar with Stefan is empty again and Linnea decides it time to move on.

Thomas accepts the rose, but then he leaves.

The next day Linnea invites Thomas to an outing but they are both bored.

Linnea heads to the bar to try to find a man. The guy in the back will have a role in this story later on, but Linnea doesn't see him now…

In the evening she’s invited to Geoffrey’s birthday party. Geoffrey is nowhere to be found in his own house, but Linnea takes upon herself to make some dinner.

Stefan is there and all of a sudden he’s very interested!

Linnea invites him back to her house


It works fine, but then suddenly he leaves again! Bleeding hard to get!

So back to desperately trying to make a cake to put candles on. Trine is due to grow up from age, not skills. We have sold off the microwave to get cash.

All the girls wait for the cake, but after three tries, still no cake that is possible to put candles on.

So we give up and send Linnea back to the easel. We need to make money!

Eventually on Friday morning, Trine grows up to be a Cheerful aspiring Whiz Kid.

But she grows up with a sad moodlet due to her forgotten birthday. Sorry honey, we really tried!

Linnea is determined to get another baby soon and works hard on Stefan.

And FINALLY he gives in!

And finally she’s pregnant!

She tells him and he freaks out.

It doesn’t matter. The main thing is that we’re expecting, and Linnea asks Stefan to be only friends.

Trine asks her father over and he’s happy to come

He loves to spend time with all the girls, he saw them all grow up. We wish we had been allowed to keep him.

The girls like each other too.

They all freak out when Trine finds a monster under her bed

Linnea has to spray it

Apparently it wasn’t enough since the monster is still there.

So Linnea sprays it again and then the week is over. 97 babies to go.

Tags: 100 baby challenge, linnea nyberg, mona nyberg, monika nyberg, sims 4, trine nyberg

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