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100 Baby Challenge - Week 2, Binge Play

Previously, we were starting out with Linnea Nyberg, had twins Monika and Mona and got pregnant again

We binge played this challenge for some substantial sim time, and therefor don’t have a valid family portrait for week 2. However, the family consists of Linnea Nyberg, pregnant with Travis Scott’s child, and twin toddlers Monika and Mona. Their father is Mortimer Spökh.

Mona is very hangry, but very competent. Just leave the food on the counter and your toddler will feed herself. Very convenient and very unrealistic.

Linnea is a good cook, and Mona loves the food.
“It’s yummy in my tummy!”

I’m pretty sure I said something last time about well-behaved toddlers. I can tell you now that it’s all falling apart. With only two kids! Where will this end!

Linnea is doing what she can to keep up

And Travis helps her out. He’s still her love interest and she has all sorts of wishes for him. If this was a legacy I would let them marry and produce an endless bunch of rye blond babies!

Tuesday morning it’s time! Linnea will have Travis’ baby!

At 7.13 am on Tuesday week 2 Trine is born. Yes, it’s another girl.

Linnea is completely exhausted after the delivery of Trine and invites both her baby daddies to come and help out

They are really helpful. J68 cannot imagine how handy it is to use other sims to help out. You don’t even have to ask them. And they don’t leave even if the home sims go to bed. They DO leave eventually to go to work and such, but usually that is after many hours.

Or they crawl into bed while the now happy and playful toddlers learn their skills. When a toddler reaches level 5 in one skill or level 3 in all you are allowed to age them up.

Wednesday lunch Travis and Mortimer are still around and the house, kids and Linnea herself are more or less in order.

So Linnea heads to the library to see if she can find some new men, but only women are around. So instead she calls Geoffrey Markövertag to chat with him.

Back home we have a disaster. Very angry toddlers, a needy baby, dishes piling up and nearly no money.

On top of that, Trine grows up to be Clingy!

And to look like a boy.

She does have an overly cute dress and hat in her inventory and uses that when the dancing lessons start.

In the meantime, Linnea has finally found who could be her next baby daddy. His name is Stefan Blomqvist and they find some time to stargaze. It will take a while before he’s ready to contribute though.

The money situation is still terrible and Linnea is very tense, but she’s working hard to try to get the girls to learn their skills so they can be aged up.

Most of the time the situation looks like this though – toddlers in crisis and a house looking filthy.

The situation improves a bit when the fathers are called in.

It is Monika's and Mona’s birthday by age and not skills, but when Linnea bakes the chocolate cake it’s not possible to put candles on it, so instead the cake is served as dinner/breakfast. Apparently we need a dust bin outdoors to be able to empty the trash, but we can’t afford it.

By lunchtime on Sunday we manage to bake a white cake and put candles on it to age the twins up. Mona goes first, even if she’s really the younger twin..

She grows up to be a Bookworm and with the LTW to be a Rambunctious Scamp. A bit contradictory, but who is one dimensional?

Her mood is ok and she looks cute with that page boy haircut

Then it’s Monika’s turn, while Mona and Mortimer are fooling around

Monika gets the trait Cheerful and the LTW to be a Social Butterfly. Thank goodness she didn’t become grumpy then J

She sure looks grumpy to me though! She got the same cute haircut as her sister, which will probably mean that we will not be able to tell them apart.

We might be able to tell them apart by their activities though. Mona is heading directly to the jungle gym that has been waiting for the kids to grow up.

Linnea is still working on Stefan to get another baby, but it’s painfully slow progress.

Look at our good girl Monika, taking care of all the dishes! Thank you! And by that week 2 is over. 97 babies to go.

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