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100 Baby Challenge - Week 1, Starting out

I never really got hooked on Sims4, but when I saw the 100 babies challenge on a Let’s play, I thought I’ll give it a try. And now there are toddler in the game! The developers have really succeeded in making them fun to play, if not completely realistic. On my computer I have only the base game and the Camping expansion pack, and a couple of stuff packs, all installed in Swedish.

Linnea Nyberg is our matriarch. Her name and looks are completely randomized, but her aspiration and traits carefully selected. Her LTW is to have a big happy family,which makes her automatically the housekeeping type. Then, since having lots and lots of children will be quite stressful, the Cheerful and Goofball traits were chosen to give Linnea the chance to cope with it all. And last but not least – to be able to get many many children, she also was decided to be Romantic.

We chose a low price home with two bedrooms and one bath, unfurnished. It’s situated in Willow Creek.

The first thing Linnea does is to head to the museum. We need to meet some baby daddies! While there she realizes that they have an easel to use for the public. Since she will not be allowed to have a job, we must have another source of income, and why not from painting?

Look! A man! It’s Mortimer Spökh. We realize of course that he’s married and have children, but we will not let that stop us, we need so many genes to be able to manage this challenge.

They get along fine and Linnea starts on both her charisma and her comedy skills.

“Sorry, Mortimer, not funny!”

Regardless, Mortimer accepts to come home with Linnea. We learned from the Let’s play we saw that cloud gazing is good for relation building. Linnea also gets inspired from it, which will come in handy for her artistic endeavors.

Indeed the relationship became much better by the cloud gazing, and a pleasant conversation ensues.

In her inspired state she decides to talk to Mortimer about her burning heart. He seems a bit taken aback, but he’s saved by the bell in the form of the welcome wagon. And then Linnea’s  first day is over. Maybe we should get some lights for the house...

Monday she enjoys her breakfast at her newly bought kitchen table and everything is ok.

She starts her first painting at her newly bought easel

By lunchtime Mortimer comes over, and their relationship is pretty good.

In a flirty mood, Linnea decides to go for it. Mortimer doesn’t mind the slightest.

And a couple of hours later he accepts to try for a baby.

Linnea takes a pregnancy test right away, and yes, she IS pregnant!

She’s so excited she immediately tells the father-to-be, but he seems not to be as thrilled.

Never mind, now when she conceived, she doesn’t need a romantic relationship with Mortimer anymore and asks him to only be friends.

And then she returns to the easel and acquires level 2 in painting.

Inspired she eats a nice dinner and then Monday is over.

Travis Scott was part of the welcome wagon. He might be handy to keep for next pregnancy. They spend some time together to get to know each other.

Then Mortimer invites himself and it gets a bit heated again.

So Linnea has to ask him once again to only be friends.

Then she heads out to see a little bit more of the surroundings. She meets a teenage boy named Stefan Sjögren. Could be kept in mind for when he gets older, or maybe for the next generation.

Then back home for some inspired painting.

Wednesday evening she’s in her third trimester and the birth can happen anytime

Thursday morning, still no sign of labour. Linnea invites Travis for some cloud gazing and an inspired lunch.

Thurday afternoon the labour starts. Linnea is very uncomfortable!

The labour takes hours and between the cramps Linnea manages to eat and read a bit.

Finally after five hours it’s time. We have decided that the children will be named after the fathers in such a way that the two first letters of the father’s first name shall be the first two letter’s of the child’s name. Since the father in this case is Mortimer, the baby will be named Monika if it is a girl , and Morten if it is a boy.

It’s a girl, so the name is Monika. She is born on Thursday week 1 at 20.35

And it’s another girl! So surprised it was twins, and girls! Well, not really that it was girls, since I get mostly girls in all my Sims games. Mona is also born on Thursday week 1 at 20.35.

Linnea is exhausted

Mortimer comes by to check out his daughters.

They are honestly not much to look at for the moment. The big bedroom has gotten its first inhabitants though.

When the babies are asleep, Linnea works on her next baby.

Travis is happy to contribute.

The pregnancy test confirms there’s another baby coming!

We have learnt that the house itself can have traits and we choose Homely, Jovial and Good Acoustics. The first two to facilitate family life, the third for future musical prodigies. Didn’t find anything helping out with painting. We can also see the small house with its desolate big bedroom. That will for sure change, we can promise you that!

Linnea takes care of her babies while waiting for the new one(s)

Travis helps out with some cleaning. Linnea hasn’t asked him yet to be only friends.

The girls grow up and acquire the random traits Silly and Inquisitive respectively.

Mortimer is here for the occasion and freaks out about having toddlers still.

He’s a good father though. He reads to his daughters when asked. That’s very convenient with Sims 4 toddlers, they can ask for all sorts of things.

As all simmers know, Mortimer is married and have other children, so Mona and Monika has one half sister and one half brother in Cassandra and Alexander.

Mortimer spends a lot of time in the house. He invites himself over either by phone or just comes by. It’s incredibly handy, bordering on cheating. Linnea thanks you!

It’s allowed to leave the house in this challenge and Linnea does on Sunday afternoon. She goes to the gym. Not to work out, it’s not exactly her first priority, but to meet some people and possibly another baby daddy. She meets Geoffrey Markövertag (Landgraab). He’s married of course, but we cannot be bothered. No further progress on that acquaintance though.

And we end the first week of the 100 baby challenge with a couple of toddlers, extremely cute and well-behaved. Only 98 to go!

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