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Belladonna Wishes - Week 3 - Gieke

Last time, Christer spent time with the neighbours and had an affair with Filippa Gerdskär, who is now unfortunately dead by old age as seen on the previous lot. He employed a maid. He played guitar and piano and won a dance competition.

Christer Gieke, Knowledge. LTW Criminal Mastermind

Christer wishes to revive Filippa, but that won’t happen. He also wishes to go jogging and play the guitar, so that is what he does early Monday morning. Then he works and sleeps so no more wishes on Monday.

Tuesday morning starts the same, he wishes to go jogging, so he does. This time together with neighbor Sally Rörstedt who is stuck in his apartment anyway. She never leaves.

When they’re back the sun is up, but a steaming rain has started to fall

Christer heads to the indoor pool at the Fitness hobby lot

Then home to have some nice times with Vivianne Rörstedt, Sally’s stepmother

Sally has been off to work but is back at Christer’s place when he wakes up

So a 1am jog with Sally is scheduled

Then Christer wishes for a kitten. Guess that puppy would do too, but kitten fulfills two wishes!

The kitten is named Sally, because why not? He has gotten used to having a Sally around, so why not two

Christer has really gotten into his exercise routine nowadays. Thursday he first does yoga and then a jog. Seems Sally is sick though and doesn’t want to come along

He acquires a secondary aspiration of Family

That makes him jump straight into bed with Vivianne, who is married by the way. To Sally’s father.

Thursday is the day for two jogs. The evening jog is performed together with neighbours Vivianne and Julian.

And then some late night fishing.

And a slow dance with Vivianne

Friday, the jogging partner is Björn Rörstedt, Vivianne’s husband, who even wears the same track suit.

Maybe feeling that his involvement with Vivianne might be dangerous, he reads up on anger management.

Sally the kitten grows up, and immediately tears up Christer’s bed.

For once, Christer tries to meet another woman than Vivianne

But he ends up skilling

He has eyes only for Vivianne and doesn’t even notice that Björn does not appreciate that Christer is flirting with his wife. And that’s the end of the line for Christer for this week.

I must say that I enjoy playing the single sims household when it comes to 5-wishes, it’s fun to be able to concentrate fully on one sim. In this case it didn’t always help though, since Christer is first and foremost a Knowledge sim and nowadays have high skills that takes forever to improve further.



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Jul. 30th, 2017 07:18 pm (UTC)
Christer really has a thing for older women doesn't he? Poor Sally clearly wants him and he hardly knows she's there, preferring to romance her mother instead. Looks like there's some drama brewing there though. ;)

Good job with a knowledge sim, and I'm sure the single sim households must be a nice break after having to keep up with the 5-6 sim households.
Aug. 1st, 2017 04:19 pm (UTC)
Christer was pretty fun this time, usually I think he's incredibly boring. Sally will grow up soon, then she'll maybe have a chance :)
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