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Belladonna Wishes - Week 3 - Gerdskär

Last time Filippa studied like crazy. Herbert served and ate food. Neighbours were visited. New kitchen appliances were bought.

Herbert Gerdskär, Knowledge/Family, LTW Criminal Mastermind
Filippa Gerdskär, Knowledge/Family, LTW Mad Scientist

One of the kitchen appliances bought last time was a barbecue. However, even if it’s possible to place it inside, it is NOT possible to use it without it catching fire.

So, the burnt hot dogs are served and Filippa wishes to learn how to cook them properly.

Filippa has had an ongoing on/off relationship with the neighbour Christer Gieke, mostly driven by him. The still like to spend time together.

Herbert likes to talk to people

And he studies fire fighting

Filippa serves food, while Herbert skills or plays the piano

The couple nearly always have people over

Only on rare occasions they venture outside the house

Filippa and Herbert spends time together, dancing! To the right in police uniform is Vivianne Rörstedt. The lady with short black hair is Vivianne’s room mate Sarah. The man is Julian Collin, another neighbour.

Julian and Sarah fall madly in love with each other!

Back to Herbert and Filippa, they skill.

And they spend time together, but they never clean!

Julian is here again, taking advantage of the hospitality by woohooing his own room mate Regina on the Gerdskärs’ couch!

Herbert dances with their young neighbour Sally

Then he goes night fishing

And playing chess until dawn

Then he starts flirting with a random townie. J68 fears he’s becoming senile

Filippa too takes a small trip to the park to go fishing, before she heads back home to her skilling

Then it’s time for Herbert to die. He goes in platinum

And right after him it’s Filippa’s turn. She gets no platinum urn

The game tells us that it’s not a good idea to let all inhabitants die, but as a safety measure the stones have been moved to Central Park. Thanks!
The couple got to be about 66-67 days old.

It was a bit abrupt ending to the stories about Herbert and Filippa. During the days they were alive they had pretty decent scores, but since we miss two days of statistics, it’s not great anyway. Nothing to do about it, now thery're gone. Rest in peace!

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