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Belladonna Wishes - Week 3 - Furberg

Last time Signe was born. Fabian Jr grew up to a Family sim and started go steady with a girl called Helena. Signe Sr and Fabian Sr skilled. Wishes poured in by cooking and serving meals. BJ was hard to keep happy. The family worked out a lot. Fabian Jr moved to Uni where we will see him eventually this round.

Fabian Furberg, Family/Knowledge
Signe Furberg, Knowledge
BJ Furberg, child
Signe Furberg, child

Fabian gets the first wish point this week by skilling

Then he wishes for a maid and hires one

Maybe it’s so that he will have more time skilling

Signe gets her points by serving food

And by playing computer games

BJ is happy to have top grades

Signe Jr likes skipping

BJ succeeds in selling lemonade to a townie passing by

He’s so amazed that he needs to talk to her and finds out her name is Maud.

Signe plays with the parrot

Signe is back from work ans serves some salad for BJs birthday

Big brother Fabian visits from Uni and Signe Jr spends time with Arne Ottomas.

BJ grows up well to a Romancer with an LTW of having 20 loves. Sigh...

The parents continue to enjoy their separate activities, but also some joint…

BJ with his new look goes shopping for a phone

And he meets some girls

Continuing his downtown adventure he feels like going swimming and invites one of the girls to join him

They play Marco Polo as the darkness falls.

Back home, Casper, the old parrot has died and a new is bought, getting the name Jesper

Signe JR likes Jesper

But it’s not enough, she also wishes for a guinea pig that she names Jonathan. The pet names in this house are inspired by a Norwegian children's book and movie http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0095165/ Kasper, Jesper and Jonathan are the pretty nice villains of the village Kardemomme by

And while breaking the fourth wall Signe sells lemonade to passers-by

BJ spends some time with his mother

And then he’s off for a date again.

Signe takes Signe to the pool

And they end up having a great time.

Back home we see that BJs date is the same one as at the pool. She’s the clerk in the electronics shop and her name is Rosie. We also see that no one has wished for a gardener

Fabian is primarily a Family sim, but his secondary Knowledge is very strong. He always wishes to skill.

It’s time for more secondaries – Signe becomes Fortune and BJ Pleasure

Then a bad picture illustrating that Signe gets a point by doing her homework together with her father, and then from some playtime

BJ dates Rosie again

Signe brings home school mate Signe Frost after school

Fabian is promoted to Detective and brings home workmate Emelie Rehström

And they become friends

And finally Signe learns to study with the help of her mother

Fabian and Signe continue to skill to get more promotions

And BJ and Signe round off the week by meeting new friends.

BJ, wishing for dates was very easy to keep satisfied, and also Signe JR had a lot of small wishes that was pretty easy to handle, but the parents with their increasing wishes for skills were harder. After all a decent average for the week.

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