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Belladonna Wishes - Week 3 - Frost

Last time, Ellen and Mattias got married. Mattias Jr grew up to toddler and then child. Mattias Sr was fired due to a bad chance card. Ellen got pregnant and little Signe was born. We had an uncontrolled fire, but everything ended well.

Ellen Frost, Fortune/Grilled Cheese, LTW City Planner
Mattias Frost, Popularity/Romance, LTW Media Magnate
Mattias Frost, child
Signe Frost, toddler

The week starts with a food delivery that cannot be paid. Normally that is not a problem, since they leave the food and take something from the house as payment. The problem this time is that the delivery person takes the fridge!

With 1§ to spare, the family manages to scrape together the funds to buy a new fridge, not as fancy as the one they had, but it works, and it is stocked!

That is a good thing for a Grilled Cheeese sim, so Ellen immediately cooks up some.

Little Signe, who should probably have been named Ellen after her mother, gets a wish by playing with the block toys and getting a Logic point.

Ellen and Mattias Jr get wishes from each other

Ellen gets a wish from a cooking point she acquires while cooking a turkey instead of Grilled Cheese

Mattias get wishes from inviting and interacting with friends.

Ellen is back to GC and we have a lamp installed over the table to shed some light on things

Mattias skips rope

Both kids get wishes from skills.

Mattias likes cooking sometimes too

Jr likes creativity

Sim interactions give wish points

Grilled Cheese and parties are safe bets

Signe gets a wish by growing up well

Grilled Cheese is also a good topic for conversation, at least when Jr accepts it

Serving and eating them is also a good thing

Mattias interacts with his family

And the kids have started enjoying each other

Signe gets a big wish by learning to study

And Mattias by drawing pictures and earning creativity points

Grilled cheese!

Rope skipping

Here’s a new one. Selling lemonade in the middle of the winter

Kids interact

Mattias invites people over

And arranges a party for Mattias Jr birthday

He rolls Romance and gets the LTW to Woohoo 20 sims

Dancing and pranking give wishes

Mattias buys a birthday present for himself

And he chats with some people. Jussi is hot! Apparently Mattias is gay

He immediately asks Jussi for a date

And he gets his picture taken

At home, Grilled Cheese is served

And Mattias gets a secondary aspiration of Knowledge.

Ellen tries to fix the computer to get a Mechanical skill point but electrocutes herself. Mattias is very worried, but she ends up fine.

Today Mattias serves the food

Spring is here and Signe brings Mats Picaso Jr with her home from school

Spring is certainly here and Mattias Jr booty calls Jussi. He’s eager to get started on his 20 woohoos it seems.

THEN he asks him for a date

Grilled Cheese!

Signe enjoys her time with Mats and when he leaves for the night she gets a wish from a creativity point. Mattias is also working on his creativity by the piano

The parents have a home date that ends like a dream date and they both get huge wishpoints

Then Mattias meets someone new on a chat and Ellen gets a Logic point by stargazing

Signe gets her wishes on Sunday fulfilled mostly by playing with her father

Mattias gets his from Jussi. I do think he should start on a new relationship, but he doesn’t wish for that, so…

Mattias gets his from parties

And Ellen from Grilled Cheese. And there we end this week at the Frost house.

As soon as Signe grew up to child, it became a pretty easy week for all. It was also pretty fun to play this nice family. It is doubtful that Mattias Jr will ever reach his LTW, since he only wishes for Jussi. But it might change when he gets to Uni.

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