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Belladonna Wishes - Week 3 - Fresk

Last time, Tom developed a secondary aspiration of Popularity, making him wish for visiting neighbours and having parties. He entertained two ladies, mostly Josefin, the nextdoor neighbour, but never wished to get married to any of them. He wrote a novel. In the end of the week he got fired due to a bad chance card.

Tom Fresk, Fortune/Popularity, LTW Criminal Mastermind

Tom wishes to get a job in Culinary even though his LTW is to become a Criminal Mastermind. He finds an opening as a Waiter and takes it.

His longterm girlfriend Josefin comes over and gets him another wishpoint

Tom gets several wishes from Josefin, even with their clothes on

Sometimes he enjoys watching a movie or writing a novel about “The ups and downs of rocket science. Who knows where it will end?!”

As a secondary Popularity sim, Tom likes parties too

He’s got two threebolt ladies he’s choosing from and alternates between – Katja here

And Josefin from next door.

He’s in no rush with the ladies though, but invites over his old uni professor

Then another party.

The parties as such don’t give so many wishes, so some exercise is in order

And a pillow fight with Katja

Then a movie.

Saturday he feels like going swimming and invites Josefin to come along on a date. It's a nice summer's day after all.

They do some swimming, but lo and behold, Tom wishes to get married to Josefin!

They play a game of Marc O’Polo while the summer rain starts to fall

In the increasing rain they make it official with an engagement on the poolside

While still on the date, Josefin moves in with a meger 1.767§

Still on the date, a wedding party is arranged. The couple are really not rich. We’ll see next week if they will be able to pay the rent.

A huge wish for both the happy two, and a dreamdate.
The party score is “boring” though. Well, the party hasn’t started yet!

The first kiss as Mr and Mrs Fresk, and the party is “great”

Then a very nice close to this eventful day

Sunday starts with a game of kicky ball

And as soon as day breaks, another party

A pillow fight breaks out between Tom and his now brother-in-law Jonas, Josefin’s brother who lives next door with his wife Irma

Not everybody is happy, but Tom gets a wishpoint from something

Josefin is happy too, and there we lift off for this week. Next time we might have babies J

It was a great week for Tom, and the weekend for Josefin as well. Since she wasn’t here the full week, the average is so-so, though



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Apr. 19th, 2017 12:11 am (UTC)
Wow. Just when it seems he's going to become a confirmed bachelor playing two women along for the rest of his life, he goes and gets himself married to one of them. Let's hope he doesn't come to regret it...or that his wife doesn't find out about his other girlfriend...
Apr. 20th, 2017 02:40 pm (UTC)
HAven't even tought about the risk that Katja will stroll by one day - it's absolutely a risk :/
Well, we'll see where the wishes lead us in that case :)
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