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Belladonna Wishes - Week 3 - Djurström Uni

Tove Djurström, Uni
Tove started her Uni time with booty calling Juan Ryttenäs, her parents’ neighbour and got engaged to him. She studied hard but spent a lot of time with Juan. Tessa Ramirez was moved in before this week started.

Tove Djurström, Knowledge/Family, LTW Max 7 skills
Tessa Ramirez, Knowledge/Pleasure, LTW Criminal Mastermind

Tove is closing in on her exams for her first year in Uni. She loves it here and have very good grades.

Tessa is a Knowledge sim as well and will probably have a good time in Uni too. Right now she just started though and is obsessed with the weather. And she misses her mother.

Tove is stargazing

Tessa invites her mother

While waiting for her mother she chats with her fellow dorm mates.

While waiting for her mother she chats with her fellow dorm mates.

Tove plays chess

But she too chats with the dorm mates.

Tessa behaves more like a Family sim than a Knowledge sim. She likes to serve and eat meals

Tove is a full-blood Knowledge sim finishing her term paper. But really she’s half Family even though it doesn’t show.

I take that back since the next thing Tove wishes for is to become friends with and play with her very little sister Barbara.

Tessa likes salad

Tove plays chess

And she does some research and finalizes assignments

Also Tessa is studious and writes her term paper. Or not. Maybe she plays computer games.

Nevertheless she finishes her term with the highest grades and celebrates by connecting with Valle who is a two-bolter

The girls even spend some time together after Tove finalized her semester with the highest rank.

Her father Alvar pays a visit

Tessa and Valle continue to hang out

And Tessa continues to cook. Pancakes. And chili.

The girls study

Tove plays the piano until she gets a membership card to the Music&Dance hobby lot

Tessa likes burgers

And she likes to spend time with Valle, studying or not…

Tove does research

Tessa has started to practice the piano

And for the first time this week, Tove has some romantic wishes and invites her fiancé (!) for a date

Juan is a Family sim and we can imagine that there will be a wedding and babies as soon as Tove leaves Uni. But on the other hand, it’s a long time before that, she didn’t even finish her sophomore year yet

And the week ends with Tove getting all her wishes fulfilled by Juan.

Apart from Tove missing one point on Saturday, it was a perfect week. Two Knowledge girls in Uni – can it be any better?!

Tags: djurström, ramirez

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